Loathe or Love

The frog doesn’t know until it’s too late that the water is hot
People either loathe me or they love me alot
Maybe I’m formidable or maybe I’m not
Maybe you’re alive with a heart full of rot

© Delia Ross. 2020

God knows…
I need a vaca from responsibility
If my brain only had a pause button…

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One response to “Loathe or Love”

  1. A long time ago. I was the coffee shop poet in many states. I did weekly poetry readings. I befriended many people. People were less afraid to talk and to know people. Today world. People are hiding and forgot how to communicate. A big world to see. I believe, you and I would talk forever. You had a wild life and you are brave. I liked the Jack London book, “When God laugh”. Many long and great conversations in the book. The one I liked the most was the opening story. The painter told the poet. God never lose. Even with love, god will win. Because one lover shall die and leave us alone to find sadness. Never a sin to love. Maybe the easiest pleasure to know dear friend. Today, I will write the third chapter off dance with Delia. It will be a short story. Four chapters. have fun and be safe.


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