Tried to climb the mountains but they were too high
The air became askew and I wasn’t able to cry

Tried to bury my fears down there under the hill
But the ground became so cold I wasn’t able to feel

Tried to hide my pain way out in the desert
But I lost my way and so no longer hurt

Tried to drown my tears somewhere in the ocean
But my head became dizzy and I lacked the emotion

Tried to cover my fears underneath the moon
But they always remain open and I’m never immune

Tried to close the chapter and forget about you
I tried, but I love you too much to

© Delia Ross. 2019

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Love Story

It’s a love story from the dead to the dead
Rotating cyclones of he said, she said
It isn’t what I meant here’s what I mean instead
Constantly sending each other gifts of dread
You wanted to be heard, now your face is turning red

But I’m sorry, you’re sorry, it’s all we ever had
Now we’re feeling worse, we are always feeling bad
Our circles quickly dropping unless we stopped trying to add
Try to greet you all and you respond like you are mad
I’m certain all I wanted was for us feeling a tad less sad

Actions and words never meeting in the middle
And every single wound leaves us all so very brittle
Consequences come at you hard to read like a riddle
But everyone thinks they know how to love just a little
You swear it isn’t you but here it comes another missile

I know we’re all in hell it doesn’t take a degree
You’re always on the run, you barely ever take a knee
I know I’m paranoid the devil’s always after me
Blinding us with hate or lust I can’t convince you all to see
I’m just curious if any of you really do feel free

You build these walls and cages but who do they protect
You haven’t convinced me that your life is so perfect
I wonder if any of you clearly understand yet
It’s doubtful though so I’m passing on this bet
I’ll try again and maybe this time I will be more direct

Okay another verse, perhaps a message you can understand
None of this can work if we don’t give a helping hand
I live here, you live there, we all share this land
Love is not something to hoard, set it free unmanned
Love it knows the way so let it lead our command

© Delia Ross. 2019


What is it you don’t want me to know
If I did do you think I would go
Well, honey, I’m not so cold
People change, people grow

What is that you try to hide
Do you feel regret deep inside
Do you always need an alibi
You still search for light while driving blind

What is it that you need to kill
It’s redemption that you need to feel
It’s been hovering and drawing near
There’s a chance if you still want me here

What is it that you’re running from
Is it just a wound or a loaded gun
Has it left you mostly feeling numb
I swear the best is yet to come

Why do you keep your surface clean
And stay hidden beneath a screen
Did you have troubles as a teen
Your soul just needs an opening

What is it you don’t want me to find
If I did would I lose my mind
Nows the chance for you to unwind
Living life in shackles isn’t how life’s designed

© Delia Ross. 2019

Unrequited Love

I love him like a breeze passing me by in the spring
Like a cathedral in the night with secrets in its beam
Like a sailor clinging tightly to a raft in the sea
I love it when I’m down and he lifts me on his wing
Or how when he smiles after looking right at me
That’s the best gift he could ever bring 

I love him like the art you can’t afford to buy
Or when he leans in closely so I can hear him sigh
Like the last delicious bite in the best homemade pie
Or the breathing moon in a mostly cloudy sky
I love him best when both his eyes are dry
I love him, even though for us, there will only ever be “hello” and “goodbye”

© Delia Ross. 2019


I love you best in waning light
When all conditions are so right
While conversation eats the night
How darkness takes away the blight
You whisper in my ear instead of fight

I love you best in silhouette
When real life hasn’t struck us yet 
The resting world is on reset 
But darling, this is our Corvette
You know the best to come is here to get

I love you best before sunrise 
When all the world’s before your eyes
Where dreams are ours to analyze
There’s never pain, and never lies 
It’s where the fever rest and darkness dies

© Delia Ross. 2019


People grow, people change
You can stall or rearrange
But the journeys all the same
And mostly people are to blame

We can fight or we can pray
Or we can find another way
But the dark will come to play
Death will come to all one day

Was it worth all these fears
That you brought all these years
We’re living ghosts with too many tears
It’s like I’m speaking on deaf ears

© Delia Ross. 2019


What message are they trying to send?
Is it even a lesson I can comprehend?
Why do I always feel so alien?
I know you’re speaking English but I don’t understand

Arms are flaring, lips uncaring, that’s not even my name!
Now I’m under threat, and this is not a fucking game!
You’re yelling, acting crazy, saying that I’m insane

Battles come at you and it’s important for knowing
I know I’m marching right but the exits where I’m going!
Pick your battles wisely or they’ll constantly be flowing

© Delia Ross. 2019

Fort Worth

I will follow you like budding winds wherever they may blow
We can get there quickly or else we can take it slow
I know we both are driving, but to what direction though?

Time we’re always biding and how much no one can know
Some never realizing we don’t choose the highs and lows
Death can waltz right by, and what shall be our final pose?

I can feel my body dying or perhaps I’m paranoid
Been functioning in life like I’m a rusted, broken droid
T.V. on at night, and they proclaim an asteroid

I want to follow you maybe until the end of Earth
Sunlight from your body puts my soul through a rebirth
But, still, to me you’re worth more than the gold that they secure within Fort Worth

© Delia Ross. 2019

Thank you for 12k!

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My Favorite Lie

It’s what I tell myself to get by, my favorite lie
And one I never use but on myself

If said with a sigh, it’s likely I’ll cry
So I smile and draw a cross upon my chest

There may be a time, I hid more in rhyme
But now there’s really only one left

If put in a book, I know you would look
So I hid the only one on my shelf

© Delia Ross. 2019

Trying to Forget

You’re coming to town, I heard in the news
You mention her name, it gives me troubling blues
I’ve been that girl, and I’ve fell in her shoes
I forget why I care or how I still hate you
They don’t think I’ve moved on and it’s probably true

But I don’t want you back, I’m the one who left
And the only one who apparently felt
It makes no difference now how many women you get
I was number one and your best asset
I spend all of my time just trying to forget

© Delia Ross. 2019

Lesson Number One

The first lesson in life there’s not a soul you can depend

You’re standing on a slope and you think you have some friends

You see an edge of hope and you try to rope it in

You have a moment, feast on it, and hope it never ends

You build it up, then break it down, and wish it works as it intends

Laughing all the way while you write your long amends

This will be enough, you hope, to finally settle all the winds

Soon you’ll find it shocking there’s even less who attends

Apparently you’re not the only one who pretends

You shouldn’t ignore lessons that the uni recommends

I gave it to you straight but you took a thousand bends

Now you have a list of a lot of ex-girlfriends

© Delia Ross. 2019

Nothings Impossible

No I don’t dream, I beam with possibility
As fragile of a thing it may seem

There are things better than a king
A princess no, heaven maybe

Of things that I see and feel
Even you can make me kneel

These things count to zero
When I see you as a hero

Underneath your mask and cape
A gentle heart and one that aches

There is a girl who can fix the scrape
She may even cause you a few earthquakes

© Delia Ross. 2019


You take as if I never meant to give
You retreat when nows the time to really live
You forget when all I ask is you forgive
You shine a light when the coast it isn’t clear

I regret but I’ll change another year
You can fret but I’m still around to cheer
I did laugh but instead you saw a tear
We could try but you took a different road

Our lives tied to the lies that we sold
I could love but I’m really not that bold
Their touch it has always been so cold
It was never a dwelling where I could survive

I live in a shell but I’m barely alive
My feet are planted and ready to thrive
I may be depressed but I’ll likely revive

© Delia Ross. 2019

Just a gal and her guitar

Could Have, Would Have, Should Have

I could have been a lawyer
But I studied instead to mope
I could have loved you better
Now instead I hate you most

I would have wrote a letter
But this poem instead should work
I would have ripped your heart out
And put it on a perch

I should have sought out shelter
When it started to get worse
You should have loved me better
But now instead I’m broke

© Delia Ross. 2019


If you never leap
Our hearts will never be fulfilled
I will slowly be climbing
This hill until I’m killed

If you never wake
I will always stay asleep
Trapped in a nightmare
With only fear that I can reap

If you never jump
My heart will always be on stall
Waiting on a spark
Where no one ever heeds the call

If you don’t believe
I will never love at all
You may take in hope
But it’s likely that I’ll fall

© Delia Ross. 2019