You tied the noose then left me hanging
You pledged for days then changed your aiming
You point your finger loudly blaming
You have no proof for what you’re claiming

Your youth is gone, you’re well past ageing
Your actions don’t match words you’re painting
And every step you’re proudly feigning
I don’t believe a word you’re saying

© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal

To be honest, I think rhyming gets me off. I get euphoric after I’ve pieced together a decent story. Sure, writing is hard. Rhyming is harder. But you wouldn’t see it that way if you saw me in a dizzy spell writing, sometimes pieces come together so quickly. Or the fact that I live and breathe rhyme 24/7. I think I might have an addiction, albeit, is it a healthy one? I literally write anywhere, and while doing everything. Sometimes I force myself to stop writing and other times I think I’ll never be able to write anything ever again. But alas, I’m still rhyming *sigh* and have been since the age of 12. I fell in love with poetry in the 3rd grade though, when I read an Emily Dickinson poem (I talk a bit about that in my thank you video on my Patreon for my patrons who join, so the video is still there if you are my patron and overlooked watching it. It’s been there since the beginning of my campaign). Anyhoo, sometimes I think I don’t have a drop of rhyme left in me. And then it is flowing out. In heaps. Like lava. And often with tears. My rhyme contains my soul. I lived in a very abusive environment as a child and writing became my escape. Writing was my coping mechanism. And still is of today.

My attempt at “But is it art” below… (but is it art was a saying me and my best friend used to say all the time when we’d fuck shit up. Like once, we redid a chair by putting our handprints in paint all over it graffiti style and writing “but is it art!?!). She died by suicide and I’ve never been the same. But all my attempts at art end with, BUT IS IT ART!?!

Bath + snaps
Bath + snaps
But is it art?
But is it art?
I nearly didn’t share this for a number of reasons. But here’s the thing, I don’t want fake boobs. I like feeling things. Might account a tad bit for my poetry. But for real, I’ve had many guys complain that my boobs weren’t fake. Had a guy break up with me in my 20s over it. And I have been peer pressured by society and men to get plastic surgery that I don’t want. I also breast fed an entire year, I have natural curves. And I don’t want to replace my sex organ with plastic for many reasons. I could have made my nipples harder I suppose, so hence ‘soft nudity’. I wasn’t trying to be vulgar or even sexual. Just existing in a hot bath and trying to capture my soft curves. Attempting to be artsy. Instead, I worry now my boobs aren’t sitting in their best, upright position. They don’t meet societies standards of perfection. I’m tired of feeling things though so maybe I should start getting plastic surgery and fake nails and fake hair and fake lips and fake eyelashes and fake tans… throw a fake personality in there too. ((Also if you’re one of the guys who’s ever put my body down… fuck you))! For real tho… desensitized nation 101. I’m not a model. I’m not a porn barbie. I’m a warrior poet, dig? Just trying to find myself and keep 100% authentic & real. I feel like I’m heading towards a dire ending like Edgar Allan Poe though. Cursed. It’s in our blood… I hope someone enjoys my little attempt at art in isolation. If you don’t like my body or my art, join the long line of boys who also don’t. I can’t be bothered with shallow waters any longer. Evolving into a better me slowly as my body is dying. Keeping my mind in a nurturing environment. SELF-LOVE.
The same vid as above but with different effects. But is it art?
I never knew how hard wet hair can be to manage when it’s this long and wet and also heavy… (no filter). I really wish I could upgrade and get some decent camera equipment and lighting. Someone join my Patreon or make a donation please lol I need new editing software too!!! It’s my birthday this month!!! 😍
That’s all for now. Can’t do much in quarantine. Trying not to catch the plague. Trying not to die by depression. Missing gig life to the full. No birthday gig this year!!! 😭😭😭

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Hello Farewell

Fairytale or nightmare
Heaven or hell
Common man or devil
This time I can’t tell

Leisure or battle
Sickly not well
Poison or apple
To leave or to dwell

Whole or a sample
Free or for sale
Space or a shackle
Real or a spell

So many I tackle
His shit I can smell
Tongues full of babble
Be quiet or yell

Fist or a grapple
Satin or shell
To flee or to straddle
Correct or misspell

Stand still now or paddle
The boat took a swell
Clear thoughts or to channel
Hello or farewell

© Delia Ross. 2019

Dropped spoken word of this on my Tuners account 👍

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Love Story

It’s a love story from the dead to the dead
Rotating cyclones of he said, she said
It isn’t what I meant here’s what I mean instead
Constantly sending each other gifts of dread
You wanted to be heard, now your face is turning red

But I’m sorry, you’re sorry, it’s all we ever had
Now we’re feeling worse, we are always feeling bad
Our circles quickly dropping unless we stopped trying to add
Try to greet you all and you respond like you are mad
I’m certain all I wanted was for us feeling a tad less sad

Actions and words never meeting in the middle
And every single wound leaves us all so very brittle
Consequences come at you hard to read like a riddle
But everyone thinks they know how to love just a little
You swear it isn’t you but here it comes another missile

I know we’re all in hell it doesn’t take a degree
You’re always on the run, you barely ever take a knee
I know I’m paranoid the devil’s always after me
Blinding us with hate or lust I can’t convince you all to see
I’m just curious if any of you really do feel free

You build these walls and cages but who do they protect
You haven’t convinced me that your life is so perfect
I wonder if any of you clearly understand yet
It’s doubtful though so I’m passing on this bet
I’ll try again and maybe this time I will be more direct

Okay another verse, perhaps a message you can understand
None of this can work if we don’t give a helping hand
I live here, you live there, we all share this land
Love is not something to hoard, set it free unmanned
Love it knows the way so let it lead our command

© Delia Ross. 2019

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Guardian Angel TikTok

Apparently you have to post a lot if you want the algorithm bots to know that you’re alive and since I’m on bedrest and can’t do much else I really really really wanna get better with TikTok’s and the only way you will get better is by making them so I have another one 👀


I’m lucky to still be alive

50% don’t recover from “heart inflammation” and they’re only talking about the teens and young adults 👀

They’re not even including my age group and I warned you before it was even in the fucking news or before teens and young adults could even get the vaccination

You know it’s true

I say Cardiovascular issues and blood clots but the CDC says “heart inflammation” I say extreme lethargy but the CDC says “tiredness” – they like to sugarcoat everything don’t they

Well it’s more than circulatory issues, people are fucking dying over it

Teens and young adults from heart inflammation

Only 50% of that age group recovers

*slightly starts to panic again*


I list my symptoms now:

Chest pains – constant pain like a pulled or torn muscle and then random electric charges or shocks that last for several seconds followed by intense burning 👀

I generally stop breathing during these episodes and they come at random at rest or activity – and activity definitely makes the pain worse! Lately the shocks have been more intense. Today I’ve been feeling like I’m going to pass out. I started slipping earlier and thought for sure it was my last breath 👀

Feeling extremely cold – this correlated with my Blood Pressure (BP) dropping as the nurse recorded my BP – the results led to my doctor ordering an EKG – which showed an enlarged chamber, and one closed off – creating blood flow issues- basically my heart is having a hard time pumping blood throughout my body and it doesn’t have enough kick or force to be able to do it on its own so instead of it pushing blood throughout my entire body it only worries about my vital organs which are inside my ribcage which is why I start feeling extremely cold because in reality I’m actually fucking dying and your skin is not considered a vital organ. People dying feel cold. I told my doctor I felt like Antarctica and I live in Florida. My electric bill was $11 last month but not running the air caused a mold problem in my closet that I had to fix by myself – while dying – cuz mold is ancient and it too was trying to kill me 👀

Dizziness and extreme lethargy – like I’m on my deathbed and can’t keep my eyes open even though I’m getting more sleep now than I’ve done over the last decade 👀

I don’t like the taste of food anymore. The vaccines have changed my sense of smell and taste. A minor setback compared to my chest pains!

I’ve had a lot of anxiety and stress over this – the fears get me and then I spend hours under my heating pad crying because it’s the only thing that brings any relief to my heart (except him – there’s a guardian angel looking over me and feeding me in every way he can. But that’s a whole nother story!)

I’ve been down 2 months! The heart doesn’t feel better and the chest pains are getting worse. The reality is, I might not pull through.

There’s a good chance I’m gonna die from a heart attack over this.

I’m trying to get my affairs in order – and just want to die in peace.

When I was talking to my doctor on the phone about my EKG results, she specifically said she didn’t like how my heart looked for my age and that my heart should not look like it does. She then went on to tell me that an EKG is not a good test to measure the chambers (size) of the heart (but my EKG clearly shows signs of distress). She’s ordered several more tests And I’m pending receiving those with care outside of the VA because the clinic here can’t give me the test so the only nearest VA to me that can do it is 176 miles away so I had to get it approved locally and they only called me last week with a list of providers that I could go see so I finally have a provider but I’m still waiting on the appointment time.

Vets die on waiting lists.


I was in so much pain the night my Holy Ghost visited me and he’s my guardian angel and the reason I’m still alive plus the universe and maybe because I really want to kiss him before I die 👀

Heart inflammation TikTok

So I’m just finding out that the CDC did know that it causes heart inflammation and they expected a certain amount of people to be affected by it but not as many people that have been 🤬

Had the rare side effects been listed on the CDC website I could’ve made a more informed decision about my fucking health but instead I was peer pressured into getting this fucking vaccine and now I’m finding out that 50% of the patients who are hit with heart inflammation do not recover and I’ve been down for two months motherfuckers two fucking months so I guess I’m part of the ones that’s not gonna recover and I’m lucky to even be alive because there’s been like 2000 people that have died from getting vaccinated because these goddamn vaccines cause blood clots

*tries to calm down*


I was ready to settle down and start having babies and shit but I guess I can’t even do that now huh I’m fucking useless now huh I definitely don’t have any more purpose in the world I can’t even fucking do anything with this extremely lethargy I can’t ever work out again huh what the fuck is the point of life

You should’ve let me die those night but instead you had me suspended between heaven and hell

I’m only alive because you give me endorphins when you’re around

And I was in so much pain and even the next nights I was apologizing for falling asleep on you it was so fucking embarrassing because I was grateful for the things that were happening but I was also fucking dying I was fucking dying and it’s not exaggerating I’m not being emo or fucking overdramatic my fucking heart was having problems working it had to find a new way to flow

And I have daily chest pains and on top of having the physical pain that is always there I’m having electrical pains sharp shooting burning

scary kind of pains

It’s almost the end of my fucking life kind of fucking fear and pain

I still have extreme lethargy, can barely keep my eyes open But the CDC has that listed as “tiredness” 🤬

I already had underlying health issues I kept telling all the medical staff I already have underlying health issues and the CDC knew the these vaccinations were going to cause heart inflammation! I was not given the information I needed to make an informed decision and now I’ve potentially wasted 40+ years of my life and now you’re gonna say that I am to blame even though I was peer pressured and it will eventually be made mandatory! Hail Hitler! He lives!!!!

But he’s gaslighting you

And they are kicking down our doors with pretty little bows like free Krispy Kreme doughnuts by showing your vaccination record

It’s cool, it’s hip to be vaccinated!

Yeah for the nine new billionaires but I can’t ever work again

And for some reason people don’t wanna join any of my writing campaigns or even my cosplay campaigns yet everybody else in the world is doing OK – just fucking fine aren’t they

They get to draw unemployment

I don’t

I live on my fucking pension and you keep calling me lazy even though I busted my ass in the Army for 15 fucking years for you to fucking call me lazy – how dare you – call me lazy again and I’ll hunt you fucking down, call me a whore again and I will hunt you fucking down!

Call me a racist one more time motherfucker I dare you

I literally have nothing else to live for but to tell you in the fucking fake ass system down so come at me keep coming at me come on call me slander me one more fucking time slender me one more fucking time keep stealing my goddamn work and see what happens keep stealing from me and see what happens motherfucker

New TikTok just dropped!


My Top 3 TikTok’s

My top 3 most watched TikTok’s! 🤓

1. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdkBDrBC/

2. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdkBmLv5/

3. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdkBFxmA/

I’m glad my spoken word made top 3 but the nasty “wtf” comments don’t help my stage fright 😑

I’m an introvert with severe stage fright.

I want to make more TikTok’s tho and I appreciate your views to my channel!

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry but I want to make more spoken word videos AND go live on TikTok for the very first time to read my poetry – since I’ve had a request on TikTok to do that, just this week!

Pushing through fears and listening to my audience!! 💪

(You can completely turn off commenting and other features if you don’t wanna deal with comments)

I’m going live on Twitch again soon too!! I’m going to be live-streaming more of the new Resident Evil chapter that came out on Dead By Daylight!

Fun stuff planned!

If you’d like to support my ongoing creativity, I’m on Patreon and OnlyFans!

Just like any other industry, we rely on memberships, subscriptions, and tips to get by!

Thanks for supporting independent content creators! 💪

“99% of UK cases thought to be due to delta variant” – India to blame again

This is becoming a pattern 🤨

The Delta variant has taken over 😳

Guess where the Delta variant comes from: India


I can’t make this shit up

“99% of UK cases thought to be due to delta variant”

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2237475-covid-19-news-99-of-uk-cases-thought-to-be-due-to-delta-variant/#ixzz6yB2d5doo

I’m not trying to be a bitch but literally India is becoming the root of all fucking evil

Ditch your traditional banks

We need to start protesting the annual rent raises for absolutely no reason!

We need to start rallying and protesting everything!

Dear Developers part 2

Are you allowed to create a site where creators can put out fetish content that is not porn but “R Rated”?

More specifically, I need a place I can suck my thumb. It’s suggestive, not porn!

I do not do live WebCam

I do not do masturbation or any kind of object play or sex acts

I literally get nude and on occasion suck my thumb (fetish) or when I’m doing my vampire cosplay I like to use fake theatrical blood for my makeup.

I don’t do porn. I make art! I do all the camerawork, modeling, scout locations, film editing, costume, hair and makeup, social media manager, I do it all!

And you want to say I’m “selling my body on the cheap” when you are the one who invited me over to your land by paying for my flight so you could get sex out of it!!! I wonder how your wife would feel if I sent her our private conversations and I was nowhere ever flirting with you or suggesting that I even wanted to meet you and here you were offering to pay for my flight. I wonder how your wife would feel about that. Or maybe it was the lodging that you said you would take care of but either way if I was married and my husband was talking to another girl about paying for her to come over and he didn’t discuss it with me first his dick would get fucking chewed off like Loreena Bobbitt you know

Call me cheap again asshole and see what happens

Call me a whore one more fucking time

I dare you

Again, I need a platform where I can post artist nudes and suck my god damn thumb if I wanna.

Patreon is against fetish and porn but I dig fetish!!!! It’s part of my identity! You are suppressing my art! I don’t know how to express myself through drawings, I do it through drama and film!!! But I’m not allowed to put my art out how I want!!!!


I have to verify who I am and my age so what’s the fucking problem with “age play” if everyone has proven their god damn age!

I want to have bloody fangs and take a blood bath with fake blood!!!

I will be glad to provide any receipts of the theatrical makeup I use!!!

I’m not doing porn!!!

And stop calling people a whore who do!!!

Shame on you!!!!!!

Call me cheap or a whore one more time!!!


Nude tier on Patreon coming!!

I’m going to have to turn my Patreon 18+ so I can add a nude tier and it really sucks because that means anybody under the age of 18 will not be able to even look at my Patreon profile.

But it’s not like I’m growing. Bloggers continue to plagiarize from me.

So it’s time to let go of being “all age friendly” on my Patreon.

New tiers and changes coming to my Patreon! I will be turning it 18+ because I am an adult and will be adding a nude tier!!! As well as a video nude tier!!

My blog will also be undergoing changes!

I may need to go private for a bit when I do!

Heads up! Ch ch changes are coming but for the best!!!

OnlyFans is crap

“There was an error when uploading media“

I’m trying to re-post the photos on my OnlyFans without the offensive stuff and it’s not even letting me do that


I’m an actress – and apparently a really good one – because people keep taking my poetry and my art as fucking fact

I need a platform I can act!

Why isn’t porn already banned if they have so much control over the internet and our content!

I’ll tell you why – because the porn industry and the New World Order and religion and NASA are all the same fucking entity

Dear Developers – willing to pay you a $50 annual fee where I can upload softcore content

Where I can role-play and do horror bloody cosplay!

It’s ridiculous because I could just do porn and get on Twitter and I’d be fucking rich already wouldn’t I

If you have any reservations about TikTok – I know 10000% you can put out a spoken word piece better than this oreo cookie in resin.

This is the crappiest resin making I’ve ever seen – so it went viral.

They didn’t even do a good job – the cookie isn’t even in all the way! It’s not even! It’s trash! So it went viral! They probably paid to be at the top!!!

Listen – There is worse content done on there so you know as long as people are going viral for shit like this I’m gonna continue pushing through my fears and getting content out to you and doing my best job at making these videos because even when I make a mistake it’s better than whatever the fuck this was was

What a waste of our natural resources!


I don’t pay to play and you have zero reasons now stopping you from getting on TikTok for whatever reasons you choose!

I thought my new spoken word TikTok would flop – but it already got 50 views and a comment too! And I didn’t have to pay!

If you do it because you want to do it because I need you to then all will be okay

I need your stories please (I hate Insta)

Giving you a shove!

Here is my new spoken word video! Anything over 30 views makes me feel good because I literally could not perform in front of one person!

Anyhoo – I’ve got big stage fright and a super sensitive heart (barely working and want to release more spoken word before I dies – not getting better)

I’m into poetry – in every shape and form!


Of all the things I’ve acquired
Staring at the effort downhill
Depression can’t be fired
I can’t go because I’m tired
The wrong number has been dialed
I guess living’s undesired

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Sick to fuck of renting my whole life and then to read an article that states that all the billionaires continue to buy out the housing market to keep it inflated, making it harder for people like me to actually buy a home, just makes me more unhinged.

Every year annual rent increases too. I’ve lived here and nothing has changed, except the annual rent increases.

I could have had a home by now paid for twice over.

Also, my house payment would be half my cost of renting and I still pay all my other bills too.

The rich don’t have to work, they have assets and rental property. They pay very little taxes. And electric companies here offer 6 months of free electricity, just for switching to solar.

Meanwhile, the poor have to work 2 to 3 jobs just to pay their electric bill and COLA.

Seems fair.

Oh, and zombiefied Hollywood who always act dead in front of the raging lights – it’s gaslighting – they live for it.

My heart still isn’t working at capacity and the chest pains are getting longer and stronger.

I have moved to plan D.

My main goal is to live free.

I don’t give a fuck about fancy things.

Have you seen my new TikTok’s? Trying to find my courage to make more videos! Thank you for your views and love to my channel!! I may go live there this weekend! 🤓

Facing my fears!

I swore against TikTok

I never thought I would ever get on TikTok

One Bit – new TikTok

They take fantasy as fact – it’s all an act 🤓

New freestyle poetry just dropped on my TikTok! I’m going to start using it more! 👀



😈 10 seconds of pure madness 😈

When you’re the one consistently popping into and out of existence insisting he publishes his work 👀

So you can destroy it 👀

But it is indestructible 👀

And I was giving it my all 👀

Thanks for making it my second most watched in under 24 hours too! 👀



Torn TikTok is now my 2nd most watched 👀

Torn took 2nd place in under 24 hours after being published 👀

Is this how you tell people you love them? 👀

Asking for a friend 👀



The new TikTok is now 5th most watched 👀

When you can’t rip a book apart quick enough but the pages don’t wanna come loose 👀


Also forgot to spell check, pick a cover, or add any kind of effects or transitions



Thank you ma’am

Got a paper cut too

Welp. 15 videos up and it just took 5th place 10 hours in. 👀

I don’t hate you 👀

I hate that I wasn’t strong enough to rip your book in half

Or pages from the book

And I got a paper cut doing so 👀

Those things didn’t help the rage 👀

Especially the cut 👀

How dare your pages cut me when I’m ripping them apart


Fuck the rageeeee 👀

So, I hate you

Cuz it’s all your fault

*sucks thumb

😈 found my niche destroying u 😈

Maybe I’ll make a tradition of tearing your book

I’ll just keep buying your book and when it arrives on Amazon I’ll fucking do a TikTok video of me ripping the pages apart and telling you how much I hate you and that can be my like my thing

you know ripping your fucking book to pieces

buying it tearing it apart never fucking reading it buying it tearing it apart on TikTok

Found my niche

Wasting my time and money on you

I’m going to make a full-time career of it on TikTok

Destroying you 👀

Maybe I’ll find new ways to destroy your book

Better ways where I can really get into it!

That fucker is hard to destroy!




When you wanna rip his book in half but it’s too fucking fat and you only have half a functioning heart 💔



I was King Kong destroying his kingdom and then I got a request to go live and do spoken word.

People go live to put rubber bands around 2 liter bottles and gallons of milk – so I guess I could go live to read some of my poetry 👀

Or maybe to finish ripping the pages from your book 👀

I got a paper cut doing so 👀

You fucking hurt me again 👀

Guess I gotta wear battle rattle to complete the task 👀

Gotta give it my all to rip out a few 👀

Iron fucking pages 👀

How do you think Edgar faired in his end?

How am I doing? 👀


Nope still here 👀

Fully awake and aware I’ve lost my mind 👀



Look at all the hearts it is getting 👀

People like seeing me fuck shit up 👀

Maybe there will be a part two 👀

Nearly died from torn pages 👀

The rage 👀

HaHa charade you are

You care more about that fake ass porn actress who is consistently looking in the camera than you do about a human being who actually cares about you

you think she cares about you?

wake fucking up

you don’t even know her fucking name or maybe you do

maybe you know everything about each other because you’re fucking perfect for each other huh

You’ll support her OnlyFans cuz she gets butt fucked?

She’s literally a one trick pony and good for one thing only but you think you could live with that forever

She’s the one

I’m gone!!!!!

For good and I’m burning your book because you left that stupid fucking comment up and I fucking hate you permanently

Dear Developers

I’m looking for a platform where I can upload content that is softcore

I need a platform with freedom of speech

I need a platform where I can do my horror cosplay with theatrical vampire blood for my fangs

And, where I can do my “daddy” cosplay or wear a fucking schoolgirl outfit because I am over the age of 18.

I need a platform where I can be seductive and sensual

Not “sensational” because that belongs to fake porn actress Kristy Black who steals my signature booty moves

Fuck you and fuck her

I hope you both die

He calls her “sensational” when everything she does is hard-core

I’m actually posting sensual content that gets removed

No wonder he doesn’t call me “sensational”

He’s been programmed to only respond to hardcore

*jumps from bridge”

Automatic scanning should scare you

Automatic scanning should really fucking scare you

The internet is no longer “free”

It’s information control

They are molding and shaping future generations to say or be a certain way

The 1% have made everything about consumption from the day you are born and even after you die

They listen to everything we do and say

Automatic scanning

Which is why SunTrust responded to a blog post from my Twitter when I didn’t even tag them or @ them.

Automatic scanning is a serious threat to you and I

We have zero privacy from those in control

I am an artist and I am being silenced

Meanwhile, porn is all over Twitter and any aged person can watch extreme hardcore porn for free on Twitter

But I’m not allowed to smoke a menthol cigarette or be young

1984 is now!

I’m dangerous to Big Brother!!!!

Looking for a platform where I can be 100% me

Where I can say what I want and post what I want

I’m not even doing hardcore porn stuff!!!

Just role play!! I like role play!!!! Specifically vampire cosplay including the ability to use theatrical makeup! As well as being “youthful” but apparently being young is shameful!!!!!!

How dare I be young and seductive!!! Dangerous!!!! I’m dangerous!!!!!

1984 is now!!!!

Tear down the fucking system!!!

I’m quitting OnlyFans and looking for a home to be ME!!!!!

Censorship at OnlyFans

Uhm, so several of my vampire cosplay and daddy cosplay posts were removed by OnlyFans as a “breach of policy”.

So I can’t do the cosplay that I want to fucking do but every other girl can cum on they’re OnlyFans and do obscene stuff but I can’t do my cosplay vampire makeup or suck on a pacifier fully clothed? 🤔

I honestly can’t deal with the stress right now

I just can’t deal with having my intellectual property removed over cosplay

I can’t be me in any shape or fashion 😑

Game over thanks to the Illuminati

Roger Waters told Mark Zuckerberg “fuck you” 😍

“The answer is fuck you” 😍

So apparently Big Bro wanted to use some of Pink Floyd’s music to promote Instagram and Facebook and it came with a large sum of money but Roger Waters replied to Mark Zuckerberg with, “fuck you” 😍

And Roger waters let the whole world know that he told big bro, “fuck you” 😍



They’ve only been my favorite band since I was eight years old and Big Bro has shadowbanned and silenced me

God is in a band called Pink Floyd!! 😍

And they’re still a favorite band


You made a mockery of my house these bruises vivid
Fleeing reason
Like lying to the wind
Consequences rigid
Or maybe gods to blame my wings unfitted
Now trapped beneath the cross
I’m scorched and livid
Did you ever stop to think
Your words imprinted
Whether I was meant to see
Your light emitted
Is forgiveness in the tree
You were acquitted

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

What happened to Mary Magdalene? 🤔

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