Love Is Always On

It’s the age of constant distraction
Beauty defined by plastic fashion
Such savagery over the next caption
Going to extremes to prove an action
Hate on the menu for us to ration
One kiss you’ll learn he fakes the passion
His love is always on automation
An impeccable liar, the best in the nation
A list of broken souls should be confirmation of his vocation
He’s never been out of rotation
I hope death will be his next vacation

© Delia Ross. 2019

Ten After Sunset

Pain after sunset
denial and regret
It’s now ten after sunset
you haven’t admitted anything yet

Blame during sunrise
But never a tear in your eye
Aim for shock and surprise
It’s so much better when they cry

Shame morning and afternoon
You’ll catch him singing the same ole tune
Same lying up under the moon
He wasn’t born with a silver spoon

© Delia Ross. 2019

Love Like Russian Roulette

His love is like Russian Roulette
For all he’s had and still not found love yet
Under his reign I had many debts
The lost and wounded are his favorite pet’s
Losing you won’t give him any regrets
He’s already forgotten you I bet

His love was like Russian Roulette
It doesn’t matter if they are blond or brunette
He’s not interested in her silhouette
Once he’s hooked you he’ll enjoy a cigarette
Making them cry is his largest asset
The only way to go no contact is to move to Tibet

© Delia Ross. 2019

When It Ends

When it ends there’s not going to be time for goodbyes

A suitcase packed fully won’t lessen your fall
Or keeping all your money on your credit cards
A shoebox with keepsakes won’t help you at all
It won’t matter if you try to run or if you crawl

It’s too late for apologies when time is near our end
Debts should have been settled while we were still friends
Begging won’t account for much at all I contend
Looking back, don’t you regret it was all just pretend?

Don’t you know your promises are vague and empty here
Any morals that you had will likely soon disappear
Those lies you spin and weave so well
Are fine like silk or expensive cashmere
Years to practice your art, now a master puppeteer
Raise them high enough up,so they can really feel your jeer!

When it ends there’s not going to be time for goodbyes
The train may have whistled but it’s already passed by
There’s nothing you can do about all you made cry
Might as well tell the truth we all saw through your disguise
There’s nothing left to compromise or to fantasize
You turned your only gift into Jekyll and Hyde

© Delia Ross. 2019