Last Rites

I think I’ve lost my appetite
Please administrator my last rites
Say a prayer or improvise
Say it quick before I die
My breath has ceased, my chest is tight
Love feels like a parasite
My friend she broke to suicide
Now in no one I can confide
But in him I see the light
It feels alot like paradise
If I don’t cool down I might ignite!
It’s possible I might die tonight
Please administrator my last rites
I surrender, there’s no will to fight

© Delia Ross. 2019

Eternally Yours: Poetry for People by Delia Ross

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My Son Part 3: Half of Her Life

“The being he’s been waiting for has just opened her eyes.
There was a feeling of dread, but not a look of surprise.
He knew her at first site but she did not know his face,
He had his work cut out for him, her memory to replace.
A man who was a monster had perfected an art,
to bring back the dead and do it with just one body part.
Her husband had brought in a container of red,
and there was no touch of guilt or second thought in his head.
He would have her love,
the one who went away.
The one who made a promise,
half of her, the body, but the mind decayed.
And as the weeks past, he fed her the past.
But the scars on her wrists were given no fact,
He said she must got them from broken windows or barbed wire,
the blood covered furniture and clothes went into the fire.
She ate it all up and her husband was content,
He didn’t have it all, but it was worth what he spent.
But every so often, his memory took him to,
the horrible consequences of the life he would choose.
But he would still have her love,
and he would get her back slowly.
She would forget her promise,
half of her, man-made, and surely unholy.
But she always grew restless when he wasn’t around.
When she closed her eyes and tried hard no explanation was found.
Then wandered into a room where the standing mirror was stashed,
and too her surprise, it wasn’t her in the glass.
But it looked as if it was a younger look-a-like.
And the image moved it lips, spoke and had a voice like a spike.
She would show off her arms and reveal no scars,
and she’d tell her of the real reason that her memories depart.
“He just wanted your love;
did he mention your son?
I can see not by the look in your eyes”
Half of her, other in the mirror, she couldn’t shun.
She confronted her husband with the story she heard,
and he just stood still and spoke not a word.
And without even thinking twice gathered all the mirrors,
and locked them in the basement to hide from his fears.
And in fury, he jumped on her, strangled her, bashed her head.
But you know you can’t kill what is already dead!
The tears in his eyes, he couldn’t bare that she knew the truth,
He passed out from exhaustion and she took him to his room.
He just wanted her love,
and now it was falling apart.
But she wandered to the basement of mirrors,
Half-and-half brought together from the dark.
He awoke and the memories came back,
so slow he had to catch his breath.
But he heard laughing in the dining room,
He rushed into to see pictures of a bride and groom.
His lovely wife regained her mind,
and forgave her love for she knew he meant right.
And they sat together and laughed without shivers,
looking for hours at wedding pictures.
He just wanted her love,
and he had found it at last.
The deeds may have been in sin,
More or less, who’s to guess?
With or without a son,
they sealed their love with a kiss.
Because the promise was built on their love,
two halves, sown together, at the wrists”.

© Delia Ross. 2010

These Lessons Again And Again These Lessons

It’s going to keep coming around and around it keeps going
Over and over these lessons harden and are gaining speed and growing
You’d think by now we’d get it, but these lessons keep on flowing

It’s different now but maybe it would have been better never knowing
Nothing will ever hide these wrinkles on my forehead from showing
There might have been a warning when he heard the bird crowing
Damn, you see, it’s just another universal omen
But is he aware that time for me is gradually slowing

These lessons, these lessons keep on coming
These lessons, these lessons keep on coming

© Delia Ross. 2019

My Son Part 2: The Note Beneath His Pillow

“My darling husband, I can’t look at your face,
I made a promise but it went to waste.
The lovely day when we became one,
and the lovely night when we planned our son.
But now I’ve never felt so low before,
I don’t want to look in your eyes anymore.
I saw your pain when you heard the news,
we asked God for another but he must have refused.
And all I wanted was to carry your name,
now I hide my head in shame.
And your face that day in my mind remains;
I’m not even a woman anymore.

The one that I knew could carry my soul,
the one who could shield me from the cold.
You lent me all that you had inside,
I tried to give him to you, you know that I tried.
I saw you crying as I came to,
Losing myself was all I could do.
I never looked right at you again,
I regret it now, since you needed a friend.
And all I wanted was to carry your name,
now I hide my head in shame.
And your face that day in my mind remains;
I’m not even a woman anymore.

And I was wallowing and rolling in the pool of blood,
The Rivers that originated from me would flood.
All I tasted and felt was the death,
of my baby boy who would never have breath.
I cried for you, baby; I cried for you in fright,
Years went by in that one horrid night.
Would we ever be the same? Would we ever smile?
Would I ever get over it? Am I too fragile?
And all I wanted was to carry your name,
now I hide my head in shame.
And your face that day in my mind remains;
I’m not even a woman anymore.

Things are a little more clear now;
there is a sense of peace in the solution I found.
Strange I choose to bathe in blood;
again, it might as well be mud.
And soon I’ll rest in the dirt with the worms,
and never again feel this heart that burns.
I may be letting you down again,
but it’s only one more time, you were my very best friend.
And all I wanted was to carry your name,
now I hide my head in shame.
And your face that day in my mind remains;
I’m not even a woman anymore.”

© Delia Ross. 2010

Stay tuned for: My Son Part 3: Half of Her Life

I’ll Meet You Anywhere

I would take a bullet for him
He’s so much better than I am
I wish I could shoot him a telegram
Into the ocean I would swim

He’s the best thing that’s ever been
If he said jump I’d ask him when
To some this may seem obscene
But he is my favorite thing

His kiss would be my end
But I think his heart I could mend
This burning fire I can tend
Come closer let me be your friend

This offer will never expire
Some flames are meant to burn higher
I’ll meet you anywhere
I’d walk to Times Square
Don’t make life so unfair
Come on, I’ll meet you anywhere

I’d fly, I’d walk in the rain
I can drive or take the midnight train
I’d go to you anywhere
Can we meet at the town square
Darling please somewhere
Anywhere, I don’t care

Any weather
Come together
Any weather
Together we’re better
Any weather

© Delia Ross. 2019

#songwriting #poeeternal

Night Riding (Lyrics)

I need a lover not an enemy
Someone to go night riding with me
I feel another storm rising
We’ve wasted too much time deciding

I know where this road goes
I know where this storm blows
I know where this road goes
I know where this storm blows

The radio advises staying in
But who are they advising?
All these years we stayed hiding
There’s no other reason presiding

I know where this road goes
I know where this storm blows
I know where this road goes
I know where this storm blows

Sat in a corner despising
Why are you backsliding
Right now the Moon is rising
Our plans won’t need much revising

I want to go with you night riding
Stop wasting time deciding
Let’s go while the wind is subsiding
I want to go with you night riding

© Delia Ross. 2019

Things of Note by PoeEternal

Bits of pieces here & there. Thoughts. Ideas. Microwords.

I feel like watching you smile is one of the most beautiful things I can witness in life.

If you can’t have it, dream about it. Fantasize. Talk to yourself. Loneliness is a state, not a being. Be one with it.

Love. Even when you can’t.

Forgiveness isn’t hard. Ego is.

You’re one second away from being older. Cherish the new.

The walls we build around us to keep the sadness out also keeps out the joy.

I swear on my soul every time you smile a new galaxy is born. I can feel the after shocks in my heart. Even the Sun has sworn. Look how it shines on you.

You wear revenge on your heart.

Black soul, Black hole
Not much of a difference I know
Like a mold it will grow

It’s not too late to finish what you started.

Feasting on single lane, leaving darkness for tomorrow
Getting wasted on joy instead, I’m sick of all this sorrow
Skipping down single lane, I’ve nothing you can borrow

LOVE IS THE GREATEST CROWN, There’s no trouble here this part of town

He’s my favorite season of them all.

Everyone keeps asking me what it is I do. Well, I’m in the pursuit for happiness. Aren’t you?

Oh my tummy tum tum
Is growling like it wants some rum
I guess I better give it some….

You give what you take and you take what you give
I’m so tired of this mourning and I just want to live

Taking a break from my woes.

Did you know you could break me like glass?

Empty as a bottle.

Sometimes I need someone to disconnect with.

So evading these lines
I’ve tried to forget a thousand times
Feeling better about end days
And even less about rhyme

His voice puts movement in my heart.

But this one cut me deep like steel
I don’t know if I can ever heal

It hurts
These years they tend to cut
More challenges than it’s worth

It’s like a gunshot to the soul

Boys & misfortune are of most importance

Make me immortal so I can sleep forever.

My moral compass may be broken.

More cancelled invitations
I get the most in the nation

Shots of rum in my freezer
Make me less of an appeaser

I’m working on borrowed time.

I’m ready, not able
I’m under the weather and need to get stable

On and on silence is your war

He uses love like a seed
To pit in you jealousy & greed

To fight so hard for freedom
Years for liberty
Can anyone see me?

Lu once told me, all I had to do was prey.

Said you never loved
and you love me now
But you’re saying that
As you’re saying ciao

I left him lying
The trouble with love it’s trying
But don’t stick it out with a man who keeps you crying
His mouth is rot he’ll only keep denying
That’s his plan to slowly watch you dying
I never met a beast more terrifying

But why do good girls always come last?

My heart is a poet. Every beat is a syllable. Poetry its soul. I am but a poem waiting to be rhymed. Slow goes it.

You’ll soon be guest of honor at the crematorium.

Pain may appear closer in mirror.

Actually, I’m not angry. I’m fueled with intelligence and wit. I will smack thee with a mirror and say BEHOLD, SCUM. CLEAN THYSELF! 😉

© Delia Ross. 2019

Rendezvous Avenue

If I were to take the blue
Would it trouble you
Can we meet
Under the full moon
Share secrets
No other knew –
Our complaints & grievance
And pledge our allegiance
Just between the two
The air filled with sweetness
From kissing all afternoon
Utter discreteness
At rendezvous avenue
I gotta tent that sleeps two…

© Delia Ross. 2019

Kintsugi for the Soul

There’s always been something about you,
that when I look at you,
my soul just glitters;
Gold energy that seals my wounds
and puts me on display,
at shops in LA
Kintsugi for the soul
A broken soul with golden tear trails
It must look like a lightning bug
on a warm Summer’s day
Every now and then
you’ll catch a glimpse of my soul lighting up
much like when you smile at me
and I blossom like a butter cup
In those moments, life exist
I am not dead just yet

© Delia Ross. 2019


The shore rises
And as our dreams do
Hopes are washed away inside us
Awards instead of gifts as prizes
Pills wrapped in silk disguises
With this wave a bit of residue
Likely he’ll never get your point of view
I’m sorry if I ever troubled you
Give love a chance the universe advices
We won’t need anymore of those disguises
Which road leads to your avenue

© Delia Ross. 2019

My Son Part 1: The Promise

WARNING: The following story contains explicit gore, imagery, & death. It is intended for an older audience. Though it is not age restricted, caution should be taken when reading, as it may cause triggers in some due to the sensitive context and subject matter. Proceed with caution.

My Son Part 1: The Promise

“The bloody note,
that his lost wife wrote,
He found under his pillow,
when in the afternoon he awoke.
His heart grew weak as he read her final thoughts,
her last words about the son she lost,
and the promise that she broke.
But it sends him right,
back to that lovely night,
when they felt each other’s love,
and gave each other light.
But he tears up when he remembers the deed,
the love he felt then, seems now like greed.
Her promise he would recite.
‘Our life together, darling, has just begun,
And I would be honored if you had our son.’
He was her man and she was his lady,
and so he asked her to have his baby.
Neither hesitated.
She lay on the floor,
as the blood poured,
she felt the one inside,
would live no more.
And she was crying for help and she called everyone.
Thinking that someone could save her son.”
The promise lay on the ground torn.
The shame she had,
when he took her hand,
in the hospital room,
but he made no demand.

And when he first entered, she wouldn’t even lock,
her eyes with his, she just turned toward the wall.
Thinking the promise, she would damn.
But she looked in time,
with her tearing eyes,
she wanted to see him,
the one she was denied.
And when she did, her world was shattered,
And put in submission.
It was black and bloody and in the fetal position.
Her promise was a lie.
‘Our life, my darling, had just begun.
I only need my girl and I don’t need a son.’
He said this, but he could not hide his pain,
He knew that their love would never be the same.
Neither reiterated.
And alas one evening,
while he was dreaming,
she’d lay in the tub,
her wrists slashed and bleeding.
And when he saw the result his heart receded,
it tore apart when her wrists stopped bleeding.
The promise she was relieving.
And after the police went,
And after the trial,
After the search of his house,
And long after denial,
That’s when he found her letter of regret.
Buried under his pillow so he couldn’t neglect.
But then arose a devious smile.
‘Our life, my darling, has just begun.
All I have to do is save some of your blood.’
He knew a man who could restore her life
half of this woman would still be half of his wife.
Shockingly, he never hesitated.”

© Delia Ross. 2010

Stay tuned for Part 2: The Note Beneath His Pillow & Part 3: Half of Her Life

Through To You

Is there a special niche needed to get through to you?
How much time should one have to pursue?
You threw down the gauntlets and then you withdrew
You said you’d be back but it’s clear that we’re through
I could wait long hours and it’s something you knew
Feeling something real has been long overdue
Longer are the days and the distance accure
I’ll be around if you need someone to talk to
There’s nothing in the world with a better view
I love the hours past all of the curfews
I bet his kisses taste like honey dew
This is why patience is a virtue –
I hope he puts me somewhere in his queue!

© Delia Ross. 2019


I am so grateful for all the traffic that my website has been receiving. It is a great honor to be able to share my words with you and that you keep coming back to read more. As such, and as a thank you, I will be releasing my epic poem in three parts, which previously could only be found in my published book. It is some of my most complex writing to date, and if I were to have a favorite, this would be it. In celebration of over 6,000 visits on my blog, I am giving it to you. I always envisioned it to be turned into a play or short film (or both). So to the actors and visionaries out there, and lovers of all things poetry, perhaps too you should one day want the same (even if I’m no longer here). It is my legacy, my words. Edgar Allan Poe died unknown. And I’ve got visitors from all over the world, so thank you dear reader, from the very center of my soul, for your visits. Stay tuned, My Son Parts 1, 2 & 3 are coming, again as a thank you. And I very much hope you will fall prey to the story, as certainly I did writing it.

A Chapter Yet Filled

Who here desire that love be all one needs?
Surely, I say not for me.
Though love proves a clever disguise,
Love does not make one wise.
It preys upon the weak
The mere beauty only,
For purity it speaks.

And I a blossom yet to bloom,
This cold entraps and seals my wounds.
I dare not think you understand,
Whom stand united, hand in hand?
One by one, or two by two,
These elements can get to you…

© Delia Ross. 2010

Seconds to Love

He is not the bird in a cage
He is not the burn, or the flame

He is not the bird falling from the sky
He has not the look of abandonment in his eye

He is not doubt, he is not the plague
He is not boredom nor is he rage

There is a stillness in his frame
There is melody in his name

There are not faults to rectify
Music is his only alibi

There are no moments to be void of
He will only take you ten seconds to love

There are no reasons to recon with
I always thought love was just a myth

© Delia Ross. 2019

Traces of places by PoeEternal

Sometimes come around now & then
It’s hard to forget all the places that I’ve been
I’d rather face the crowd than live a life of pretends
Living an honest life are the roads few transcends
And we both know those aren’t the type of parties he attends
There’s plenty evil in the world for people to defend
And this is where our story must come to an end
But in the future please pick better friends

photo & poem by @PoeEternal