I’m kind of tired of India coming over here and buying all the corporate franchises and giving all their people management positions but working the American population to death -never honoring any of our traditions or holidays – never giving us proper work breaks – never giving us proper pay raises! 👎👎

And anytime we get a small pay raise you take it back with rent

I’m not wrong

In 2017 alone, I worked 3 different jobs all having different owners but all from India!!!!!

Trump was right, you do come over here and take all our jobs 👀

I worked a full shifts, full-time and never even got a fucking lunch break

And I was still in college 👀

Working on degree number two 👀

But the hiring freezes and the government furloughs destroyed my life savings or chances of using degree number 1 👀

And my retirement savings was destroyed

And you wanna call me a Golddigger or a whore because I had to get on OnlyFans to try to start making some money since I couldn’t do it with writing

Fuckkkkk you

I will rip your veins out with my teeth if anybody calls me another bad name

I will hunt you the fuck down


Truth monger + the blood of Christ

If there still some confusion as to where my loyalty lies, it’s with Jesus Christ (warrior angel duh duh) and everyone before me who has been a truth-monger and tried to free you from this prison that you are chained too from the moment you are born

And they have not turned your death into anything spiritual or sacred

Only a quicker way for them to put money into their pocket over your death

I don’t believe in cremation personally

I identify as having the blood of Jesus Christ


God Money

They come over here and take all our jobs too 👀

And get rid of your traditional banks who made over 11 billion off NSF fees alone in 2019 when the pandemic started, families starving but not India!!!!

Stop putting money in the religious plate for them to build more and spread more fucking disease (they don’t even believe in God, only money, God money) 👀

“Rich people”

India are the only ones that don’t even want to get vaccinated

Yet they own the internets and Big Bro and continue pushing for everyone to get vaccinated!

Hell you can get a free doughnut from Krispy Kreme every day just showing your vaccination card!!!

Free beer for getting vaccinated!!!!

They are now doing vaccination lotteries!!!!!!

It’s a fucking circus!!!

“Pay attention to the ones who aren’t clapping for you“

And maybe to the country that doesn’t even want to get vaccinated but still takes all your money with NSF fees during a pandemic/recession!!!

“Rich people”

Yes Because you keep giving them your money for your fucking sins!!! Stop it!!!!!

Don’t you find it a little suspect that India are the only ones that want to stay away from this fucking vaccination?

The same ones that want your money and spread this Bible plague

“India” “Rich people” (and I literally do not need to take that out of context) 👀

Diggin on this headline about India

“India is what happens when rich people do nothing“


Damn, the ENTIRE COUNTRY was literally just labeled vapid

I’m not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Was not caused by one man, or any single government” 👍👍


I’m not the only one hitting on India hard!!!!

It’s time to wake up sheeple!!!

I fucking love you!!!!!


I mean the fucking Bible encourages slaughtering innocent animals for worship


And this is book number one?

The MOST FAMOUS book in the world

The only book you will find an every hotel room

They want your moneyzzzzz!!!!!!!

A good read about Aliens


I get this kind of thinking too. It’s why religion is so important for the narcissist because they want to believe that they can be a monster and people will still forgive them and love them.

They want to be a monster but take no responsibility for it and blame it on “evil” or “aliens made me do it”. It’s easier to disassociate from yourself – take no responsibility for your terrible actions – and believe all those around you will forgive you – yet – you can’t even admit that you are the bad seed. Or, you know you are the bad seed, and it’s now your life mission to turn others into what you are. Vapid without remorse and soulless. But you all love to cum so much….. 👀

You nearly wiped out my entire bloodline and then you have the audacity to stand before me and call me fucking “racist” because my skin is white

I will fucking make you eat teeth for dinner if you ever say it to me again even if it’s online I will hunt you the fuck down

Call me fucking racist one more fucking time after you done nearly wiped out my goddamn bloodline- call me fucking racist one more time you piece of fucking shit and see what happens – but don’t forget I’ve got 15 years of fucking army training to back it up

If America is ever going to be truly great or if we’re ever going to be truly free in the land of the free then we need to separate ourselves from how other countries are running their countries


You can’t ban the bible

Or make it 18+

Or give the “free thinkers” land of our own OH we did have land of our own over here, we did!!!! But you nearly killed my entire fucking bloodline the Native Americans!!!!

Fuck you!!!!

It’s time to wake up Neo

When are people going to admit that the Bible is causing all of this?






It’s 2021

It’s time to unplug

We don’t need a book that was created and written over 2000 years ago and it is a book that’s been heavily manipulated by men so you will do what they want you to do and to control you so that you will feel guilty and give them your money

We don’t need a book forced on us from the moment we are born

You don’t need a book to be spiritual or have a relationship with God and you don’t need to give him money to be spiritual or have a relationship with God


If you want some control over your own life and to feel like you have control over the things that you do with the time that you have left you should definitely turn off your TV close the Bible and turn off your porn and maybe start handling some of those addictions one at a time because you’re probably an alcoholic too

It’s not your fault

It’s the sins of our mothers and fathers

And I’m sorry but culturally it’s fucking stupid

I don’t understand why there are so many Americans who believe this fucking fairytale that Mary Magdalene got pregnant without actually having a guy cum in her 👀

Or someone walking on water 👀

It’s like they tried to cover every avenue that somebody would think of and they would try to have an answer for that and that’s not fucking freewill

That’s manipulative – omitting information is considered lying.

Yet there was a lot of gospel that was omitted from the Bible, so how is that not considered lying

But after having experienced being brainwashed myself and doing things that I wouldn’t normally fucking do I get it

Humans are easily manipulated and it doesn’t matter what your IQ is

It doesn’t matter your age

But we are brainwashed with this ideology from the moment we are born

That isn’t freewill

It’s slavery

And I’m sorry but it’s 2021

I don’t need some book dictating how we live our life that was found in some other fucking continent 10,000 fucking years ago what the fuck


You hold that Bible like it’s the keys to heaven but you’re not living a life worthy of entering

I guess you believe you can be a terrible person and just “ask to be forgiven”

This is the same mentality that has made so many species go extinct

Because the Bible tells you that the ocean is plentiful

You believe everything the Bible tells you huh



Why is it anytime I get an annoying spam call

Or email

Or junk mail

Spam bots on social media

Pay to promote

Pay to be seen

It’s 99% India involved and wanting MORE MONEY

Asking for Americans and every single one of you who have experienced this more than you want to admit


(Pay attention to the spammers trying to take your moneyzzzzz)

Leonardo DiCaprio hiding From the paparazzi who should be illegal since you can’t even post things online without your shit getting taken away. You shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures of somebody and then sell them. No no no

When you anti-Paparazzi, push for world peace, make movies entirely “green” (eco-friendly) and the NWO hate youuuuuuuu

Some would label him “racist” 👀


Borders closed!

LOL Florida is completely wide open

Come visit me


I don’t want it

I don’t want any of it

Keep your goddamn vaccines and your booster shots away from me India

Thanks but no thanks

I’m still not recovered from Moderna

I still have physical pain in my heart

I might not survive this

I’m not sure how I am still alive!!!!

Three Words

You are a shooting star
Wishes not to discard

You are an orchard
Where hope was recorded

Three words, three seeds
That’s where love proceeds

© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal


I mean, the world is falling apart, but I still love you.

It’s ridic. Right? 🤔

God created this obsession FYI

And I actually know what a black hole feels like

I actually know what Sagittarius A* feels like

It’s possible that sometimes I am Sagittarius A*

When other girls are talking to you


I mean I started taunting this other guy who is married and having babies because I thought he was you


For months and months taunting this poor dude

And even liking the posts his wife would drop of the fam 👀

And I don’t have any hate towards his family or any animosity

Just that damn porn chick 👀

I hate her with a passion especially since she stole my signature booty move

You don’t get to steal my signature booty move and get the fucking attention of the loves of my life too and me not hate you

But, this poem above is about the other guy, the third guy, who I’ve convinced at certain times is you – but have also equally accepted that he is not


But like I love this dude and the love has manifested to be real because he bought me pizza 👀

I love three guys who at one point I thought was only one – but for sure is not 👀

Three libras but it wasn’t so obvious 😑

But now I love all of you equally the same


3 guys and I don’t get 1

*Starts chanting in some weird gibberish voice and just lets people know I’m talking to God so they don’t think I’m insane*

*goes insane*


Uhm, so I haven’t lost all my ass or leg progress yet but I feel nowhere near like I’m ready to start fitness again and it’s really scary to be having these kind of heart problems at my age over a fucking vaccination.

If you’re still supporting me even though I am dying and venting on the daily, thank you.

I get called lazy for serving my country and I get called lazy for having an OnlyFans.

Jesus Christ left Mary Magdalene in charge of the gospel and they wiped her from the books and labeled her a whore.

Just like me!!!

They create poor conditions for you to live in and then condemn you for trying to survive.

They fucking condemn you if you try to die by suicide as well.

“No no no you’re not allowed to die like that, it’s a sin”!

Apparently it’s a sin if you lust after somebody else even though that is actually biology

And “a sin” if you try to die because you don’t want to live in this bullshit life

The only thing that is not a sin is giving them money

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of your money

I ain’t wrong



Why do people just toss out the old testament as if slavery never existed and then blame white people for everything?

Asking for a friend



Guess where slavery started

Guess who promoted slavery

Go on and guess

Where slavery started

Where the most famous book in the world promotes

Go on and wake up and see!!!!!

“But why do my eyes hurt?”

“Because you’ve never used them before“


Why haven’t traditional banks lowered their NSF fee during this pandemic?

19 billion made off NSF fees in 2019 👎👎

They keep you poor and they make money off of you being poor

Guess where these roots trace back?

Take a wild guess

Go on


A response from Suntrust lmao

I always feel like the illuminati is watching me / Like I’m part of their property 👀

Damn, they even addressed me by my first name and not my pen (oh! the heartstrings)


“We’re here to help in any way we can”

*dies on street*

If “any way” included them refunding my NSF fees but I was denied

And they’re pretty much the only company that doesn’t give a fuck if you’ve been negatively affected or impacted by Covid 👀

They can’t gaslight their old methods anymore or pretend that they are a trustworthy bank that cares!!!!!

Stop gaslighting!!!!!

Your bank makes me miserable and I’ve been miserable banking with your bank for like three fucking years and now look you’re fucking responding to my blog post that automatically post to Twitter without any use of hashtags cuz 1984 is now

I have no privacy

They’re going to spot me whether I hashtag them or not

Because the government learned what not to do with Germany and Hitler and precisely how to do it with the rest of the world huh

What’s next?

Jail me for speaking the truth?

Ban me from all internet?

Crucify me?

I’m ready.

Fucking WOKE

Anybody else sick of their banking?

I mean, I must be reaching all the right channels if you know what I fucking mean


*looks around all paranoid*

“They’re coming after me” 👀

They took my freedom of speech

I stopped hashtagging so they would stop tracking me

Yeah and nope

They don’t want you to hear me, they want you to think that they care

(they don’t care, if your bank cared then why the fuck does the mass population hate them)

They fear Chime

They fear the enlightened

Leonardo DiCaprio said “pay attention to the ones who aren’t clapping for you” but maybe you should pay attention to the ones who are clapping for you but not making any difference in your life 👀

The gaslighters

The bankers with that old outdated system that keeps them driving fancy cars without ever 1 monthly car note


9 new billionaires and you want to goddamn charge me in an NSF fee and tell me you care and will do anything but actually don’t fuck you

You lost me over $108 in fees

And I hope that you lose a whole lot more people too because I’m calling your nasty ass bank out and I guess that’s why you need to fucking respond to me immediately on Twitter huh

Where was all this care and concern when I was out $108? For fucking fees

But if I was over at Chime, Chime would’ve protected my account up to $200 and I wouldn’t be out any fucking money right now would I

And you wanted to charge me another $35 for not paying the first $35 that I didn’t have

And I busted my account over an $18 charge and a $.99 charge and a $5 charge and because it wasn’t on my ATM card and it was a monthly subscription you didn’t give no fucks did you

oh and you only offer one time assistance and you didn’t give a fuck that there’s a pandemic that has since happened or that I’ve been affected by Covid negatively

Oops I fucked up and bounced my account – it happens – and apparently in 2019 y’all took like $11 billion in NSF fees! 👀

But if I had gotten my paycheck 2 days earlier, instead of y’all holding onto my check greedily, I probably wouldn’t of even bounced my account in the first place.


So yeah I’m going with Chime and you should consider taking up my offer and earning $75 for signing up for direct deposit and changing your fucking bank too

Even if you live in a bubble and you never bounce your account, I bet you know plenty of people who have accidentally bounced their accounts and they certainly didn’t need to be charged 500 times the amount of what the actual charge was initially

So get rid of your old bank

For the love of anybody else who has ever had to receive an NSF fee because this is 2021 and it’s bullshit y’all it’s bullshit

Did you know that banking with Chime will positively build your credit.

And as long as you receive at least $500 a month in direct deposit, you are eligible to get that spot free fee free overdraft up to $200. 👍👍


We’ll both get $75 when you join Chime and set up direct deposit! https://chime.com/r/deliaross4

I make mistakes y’all, I have a brain injury and I’m not perfect.

I’m out $108 bucks because I fucked up on $24. 🙄

And I already live paycheck to paycheck just to pay my main cost of living expenses

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, you should really look into changing your bank!

Just in case you have a Woopsie’s like I did

Suntrust bye byeeeee

You should leave behind any bank that has “trust” in its name 👀

Suntrust are old and outdated

It is expensive banking with little reward

If you have any transaction that occurs on Friday, you won’t have it updated in your banking until Monday after 9 a.m.

Transactions are not instant

The ATM’s are slowwwwwww

If you use a non-SunTrust ATM you get charged double -sometimes from the ATM that you use and by SunTrust and sometimes you get an extra ATM charge for having a receipt that you didn’t ask for

PayPal charges me near pennies to transfer any transaction from PayPal into my bank so there’s no need for these old outdated banks to continue charging us high ATM fees for different locations. Cash cows and I’m 1000000% certain that India owns this chain. Byeeeee byeeeee

They charge a $35 NSF fee and another $35 if you don’t pay the balance before X time period

(Those banks protect the rich only) 👀

I’ve already started the process of switching banks and I have thoroughly investigated the type of banking that I want to do and most of the popular chains are very outdated and only want your freaking money!


I’m going with Chime and you can get $75 if you sign up and make a direct deposit using my invite code!

You can get paid up to 2 days early (and I’ve actually been with banks where I did receive my paycheck early but not with Suntrust) 😏

Chime also have fee free overdraft up to $200 should you bust your account 💪

We’ll both get $75 when you join Chime and set up direct deposit! https://chime.com/r/deliaross4

Check out Chime!!! I’ve looked heavily into changing my banking for quite some time and it’s like getting a divorce when you change banks because you’ve got to get everything in your life updated!!! So I don’t take changing banks lightly!

They have a lot of great features and accept many many many many forms of payment including PayPal and CashApp!

They have a lot of great features!

We’ll both get $75 when you join Chime and set up direct deposit!


I’m actually excited to be changing banks!

Suntrust are shite!!!!!!! Absolutely shite!!!! 👎👎

And their online banking app is fucking ridiculous and the fact that it’s not even instant transactions is even more absurd and they still charge you the most expensive for banking and you get the least out of it and I bet the bank you’re with is the same freaking way!!!

I’ve had nothing but anxiety dealing with Suntrust and I definitely miss getting my paycheck 2 days early!!!!

Who do you bank with and how much do they suck?

Let’s bury these types of banks!!!!

Move yer moneyzzzzzz!!!!!!

Humanity is a dying breed

My own kid has said “mom you sound so racist” but then I reminded her she’s been conditioned to feel that way and that our bloodline was nearly wiped out from the same people calling us racist

This isn’t about skin color, at least not for me

I’m trying to save humanity


There’s not much left

We’ve moved into a Hitler state and y’all don’t seem to understand what that means so I’ll just post my TikTok video for you because it clarifies it a little bit better


Watch how many atheist would be God worshiping entities if you made church’s 18+ only


You’d have to be guest listed to enter

They already make a fucking joke out of this, stop acting like what I’m saying is blasphemous

You actually think those porn chicks are drinking piss 👀

You get to vote 👀

If God is real and exist you don’t need to give him money or build him things and you could really believe the message of Jesus Christ which is “pick up a rock and I am there” and “any two people having a conversation in my name is having church”

hello hello hello hello

spreading the real gospel!

go ahead and crucify me!!!

I never said God wasn’t real

I said you are a slave, Neo!

Free your mind!!!!

Porn originated in Greece Which lies in Europe which borders Asia partly


They take your money with religion and they take your money with porn and it’s all the same fucking entity man and y’all need to wake the fuck up

Of all the lands and queens and things, India is the one that needs to be most seen 👀

They fill our head with lies, make us so sick we want to die, then turn business into suicide!

Money money money

Golden chalices!

Vapid culture!!!!!

I mean, If I look at a table that’s set and placed in China versus a table set and placed in India, you can tell which culture is most vapid and I’m not gonna fucking shut up


The root of all evil points to India

So crucify me

Ban me from the internets

My war is now with the 1% and I’ve tracked back the root of this evil to be in India

Where the first Bible was found 👀

And it’s an every fucking hotel room 👀

The only thing you’re allowed in the insane asylum 👀

If you don’t wanna ban the Bible, you need to make religion 18+ and you need to stop lovebombing and brainwashing and forcing your religion, your ideology, your fucking traditions, and your goddamn inhumanity on us.

The truth has been heavily manipulated so you can drink from golden chalices in your vapid rooms with thick curtains to hide your monsterous deeds

I’m onto you

The great pyramid scheme

It’s 2021

I’m no longer allowed to smoke a menthol cigarette in the land of the free but I can have a sex change operation, tattoo my entire body, split my tongue, tattoo my eyeballs, and disappear from society and track you the fuck down and take you all out one by fucking one and hang you on the streets like Vladimir Tepes would have done done



You’re to blame

I mean I did everything I was supposed to do by the fucking numbers, by the fucking book and there’s nine new billionaires during this pandemic yet our economy has been in a recession my entire fucking life

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you and fuck you and fuck anybody who made Edgar Allan Poe die on the fucking street the way he did

I’m done with your fucking bullshit you’re not gonna fucking lock me on the bottom of the Titanic anymore


*lights match*

*exits vehicle calmly*

And I’ve been dealing with racism my entire life and it has always come from the other side and I’m sick of being gaslit so fucking call me a racist again and I will hunt you down and I will rip your fucking veins out with my teeth

My entire bloodline was nearly wiped out from the same people who come over here and take all our fucking jobs

But get this

They create the fear and sickness

And make money off of you

The way we treat depression is still barbaric


Nobody even wants to admit to being depressed because of how they fucking get treated


I’m going to tear the entire fucking system down


You’re gonna see me on the top o’clock news one day and I hope you’re behind the scenes fucking rooting for me and cheerleading – things are gonna get kind of fucking crazy and I need my team to start hooking up with me – you know who you are out there – I need a team – I can’t work alone – you need to reach out to me me


Let’s reinvent the gods, all the myths of the ages

Trained and ready 👀

Zone of Avoidance

He’s the zone of avoidance
Darkness so thick
No clairvoyance
Light it travels quick
Set to destroy us

© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal

Witchy cosplay wig 🤪
If I had extremely thick black and grey long hair with bangs
I do my makeup and rarely do it the same
Cosplay wig!!!

Did you know that I am a Leo? Ruler/ leader of all the signs.


Me burning for you in the dark

The Great Pyramid scheme


The great pyramid scheme

You motherfuckers

Oh look, a tip is located in Asia – the base – where the first bible was found 🤔

“It is not known where it was scribed”

Stop lying

India is to blame

India want their hand in everything

Of course – India came up with the Bible and they probably have even already manipulated mankind’s DNA

We need to burn down the establishment

I’m done with society

They used to crucify people for this

Now they just fucking make you die by suicide or put you in fucking jail or the looney bin

*tries to breathe*

*Looks at Morpheus confused as to why I’m bleeding*

Morpheus: “You die in the Matrix, you die in the real world”

“… yeah but if I had told you that then you would’nt have jumped….


Trinity out xo

Free my mind okey dokey

They do like to put that Bible everywhere

It’s the only book ever allowed in hotels and the only book you’re allowed to read if you check yourself into the hospital because you want to kill yourself or if you are hospitalized against your will – the Bible will be the only book you’re allowed to read and that’s after they strip you of everything including the clothes you came in with

Like what the fuck


Lovebombing and brainwashing us with the Bible from the moment we are born


You are a slave, Neo!!!!!!!

And I get called a whore for trying to make ends meet because those people won’t actually pay me for my writing even though they fucking blow my blog up everyday to read it

But they’ve got money for a hotel should I ever come over


Well I can tell you those are the last people I want to meet

You know, the ones that continue to hear me cry and say that they are my friend – while locking me on the bottom of the Titanic – but not before they call me a whore

Rich people


They want everything handed to them on a silver platter

Filth greed

So I may be unhinged but it’s only to the fucking sharks

Not to the people who have actually heard my cries and supported by dreams

What’s the point of a college degree when burger flipper’s are now making as much as nurses?

And hiring freezes keeps the educated unemployed

The recession has gone on longer than the great depression but it’s good to know that there’s 9 new billionaires in the world from this pandemic


Change my mind (you won’t)

All the smart people are being silenced

All the ones “woke” are being shamed

Art has become criminalized

Individualism and identity under attack

Copy of a copy and plagiarism is the norm now

Narcissism has taken over our government and humanity, well, there isn’t much left

Porn isn’t normal

Marriage is slavery

No one is honest

There’s no one to trust

I can keep going 👀

(The only thing my therapist did was ensure my prescriptions were refilled) 👀

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it 👀

(I hate big pharm and it makes me sick)


(But the VA won’t pay for anything else)


(Meanwhile my comrades are dropping dead like flies)

(And dying by the same shit I suffer from)

Help in hells


Thanks, updates, and more thanks!

Thank you for making my new TikTok number one on my channel! I’m always afraid to even do one because the competition is so fierce! 👀

My TikTok clocks in just over 15 seconds but it has already been played over three hours!! 👀

It shows the average watch time as being longer than the actual TikTok (does this mean you were suspended and experienced time dilation)? 👀

683 accounts reached! Holyshit! I’d pee myself! I can’t perform in front of people. Hell, I can’t even type if someone is standing over me. If I am eating and I am into a guy and he sits down and starts talking to me, I will choke on my food. I iz nerd. 👀

I love making TikTok’s and I am trying to get better. I’d like to make more. But not 3 a day more. Those creators are just copying things that have already been done. And they have all the equipment they need that I don’t have. 👀

I create in spontaneous combustion oft times.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch my new TikTok, you can check it out at the link here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe7dYLdm/

I have other videos too on my channel – I don’t have a set theme. But I do prefer using it more creatively than journalistically. Apparently you are supposed to respond to comments with more videos (even the negative comments). Eh, no thanks.

Thanks for checking out my work and for supporting content creators!

I’m sorry there has been less content lately, I am still recovering from heart related issues but the passion is still in every thing I do (including the rants). 👀

I played everything how I was supposed to

I did everything I was supposed to in society and look where it fucking got me 👀

I have a college degree but the recession has gone on longer than the Great Depression did, and I remember specific conversations my grandmother told me about living through that experience.

So if you’re out there supporting me financially, I appreciate you even more.

Dying (maybe) but not giving up or quitting.

And I’ve been writing like mad, and am working on a draft for my Patreon rewards for the month of May!!! Y’all have stuck with me and I appreciate you so much! Your support paid my domain operating fees this month too and I am grateful ! Thank you!!

Writing has always been my dream and my passion, this is what I’ve always wanted to do! Along with guitar, music, and acting but my stage fright has proved challenging over the years (and my brain injury).

I do have a few public post on my Patreon and you can follow for free and get those free rewards when I post public content! I drop poems from time to time (poetry that hasn’t been posted anywhere else).



My lowest tier is $1 if you’d like to support my ongoing creativity while earning perks and rewards! 💝

It keeps this blog up and going, the content coming, as well as advertisement free! Zero spam ever on my blog! No ads! So you can read and watch my content with a virus looming. 👀

I started my campaign in 2020 and grateful for my patrons!!! 💖

I really appreciate that you let me focus on my art instead of being a socialite (I’ve never been one of those).

I don’t actually do good around people.

And I’ve always been very intuitive and to know things before they happen.

“But what’s really going to boggle your noodle later is would you have even broken it if I hadn’t of said anything“ 👀

And that my friends is the only answer I need to know in life.

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