Trying to Forget

You’re coming to town, I heard in the news
You mention her name, it gives me troubling blues
I’ve been that girl, and I’ve fell in her shoes
I forget why I care or how I still hate you
They don’t think I’ve moved on and it’s probably true

But I don’t want you back, I’m the one who left
And the only one who apparently felt
It makes no difference now how many women you get
I was number one and your best asset
I spend all of my time just trying to forget

© Delia Ross. 2019

Won’t Bring Him Back (Lyrics)

In these pages he’s alive
In these words we do survive
In these moments nothing but time
Memories without a hard drive
We get by, we drive, we fly

No suffering when amongst a friend
But these words won’t bring him back again
No these words won’t bring him back again

The days on pages never end
The nights play out as you intend
He’ll heed the call when you contend

But these words won’t bring him back again
Said these words won’t bring him back
No these words won’t bring me back

© Delia Ross. 2019

No Pretense

You say there’s no reason for our unfriending
But why do I feel like it’s always near ending
We never even got a proper beginning
There’s always another you are attending
And here I go with more words of offending
I wish these messages I would stop sending
Or maybe more kindness from you is worth lending
If you are confused I am too comprehending
These situations that keep us from ascending
I’ll do what I can to keep from descending
I’m grateful for you and will go on defending
Thank you for allowing my childish venting
At least you’ll never find me pretending

© Delia Ross. 2019

An Ode To Dawn

Down by the water
I saw her fall
Dawn by the river
She knew it all

She wore mourning
like a night dress
She was the absolute best

Her blue eyes could put you to the test
She always wore mourning best

Dawn by the ocean
She works best in motion
Her and I caused so much commotion

Down she falls
Dawn she calls
We fall like dolls
When Dawn she calls

Down by the water
She works harder
Dawn was smarter
She was my armor

I lost Dawn by the water
I was left alone to falter
I still call on her
Down by the water

© Delia Ross. 2019

For Meika Dawn Capps who died by suicide in 1993. She was the end of me.


Close To You (song)

Why can’t I be close to you
What is it I am suppose to do
Why can’t I be close to you
What is it you want me to do

Why can’t I be?
Why can’t I be close to you close to you
Why can’t I be?

I know you’re watching me
I see you pop up in my feed
I don’t know what it’s suppose to mean
I wish you’d throw a sign at me

Why can’t I be close to you
What is it I am suppose to do
Why can’t I be close to you
What is it you want me to do

Why can’t I be close to you
Why can’t I get through to you
Why can’t I talk to you
Why can’t I get through to you

I can’t just walk away
Though you ignore me I still say “hey”
I don’t always know what to say
My body begs for me to stay

Why can’t I be close to you
What is it I am suppose to do
Why can’t I be close to you
What is it you want me to do

The signals that you send
They confuse me
Pierce right through me
I don’t want it to end

© Delia Ross. 2019

Not Your Valentine

I know I’m not the girl for you
I still wish you were someone I knew
I only wish good things for all you do
I hope you get the girl of your dreams too

I know you are busy but you are always on my mind
I’ve tried to replace you about a million times
There are always too many hills to climb
I know I’m old but I’m still in my prime

I wish one day I could be your valentine
For just a day or two
It’d be enough to be around you
And just kill some time
Cuz I know you will never be mine
And there’s not much I can do

© Delia Ross. 2019

If I Had Any Say

If I had any say you would be king
You already rule over everything

I would take a holiday at his feet
I’ve actually felt his heart beat

He makes it hard to get back in the swing
His love is the best retreat

Any words that he may sing
Can be heard on any street

If I had any say you would be king
You already rule over everything

© Delia Ross. 2019

Last Rites

I think I’ve lost my appetite
Please administrator my last rites
Say a prayer or improvise
Say it quick before I die
My breath has ceased, my chest is tight
Love feels like a parasite
My friend she broke to suicide
Now in no one I can confide
But in him I see the light
It feels alot like paradise
If I don’t cool down I might ignite!
It’s possible I might die tonight
Please administrator my last rites
I surrender, there’s no will to fight

© Delia Ross. 2019

Grant me a Pardon

I say goodbye for him
I climb mountains with a broken limb
Battered down and wounded still I can feel
Do all I can to fully disappear
I’ve got him on my mind all the time still
And he’ll never know I was even here –

Attending to his garden
Watching his heart harden
Wishing I were less of a burden
If only he’d grant me a pardon
Please speak to the warden
But he hates me I am certain

© Delia Ross. 2019

Made of Steel

Lay down your guards
I’ll lay down my shield
I’m not here to wound
To punish or kill

Distance can be measured in yards
There is still so much that I haven’t revealed
Place a new bet or just lay down your cards
Everything must be of our own free will

I’ve been getting drunk on the wrong boulevards
Spending time lost, crying and roaming the field
Most of the time I forget to send my regards
Too broken and shattered and trying to heal

Everyone warned me that life would be hard
Your death opened wounds that never have healed
I’m just a gal that most disregards
Or maybe they think we’re all made of steel

© Delia Ross. 2019

Ghost Town

His words like weights dragging me down
I never knew words could create such a storm
I’m pretty certain he’d rather not have me around
I know he’s cold but I’m still so warm

We are headed right for ghost town
You better turn around
We’re headed for ghost town
It’s a cold, cold battleground

Don’t you want to be found?
Will you please make a sound?

I guess love is an art form?


© Delia Ross. 2019

These Lessons Again And Again These Lessons

It’s going to keep coming around and around it keeps going
Over and over these lessons harden and are gaining speed and growing
You’d think by now we’d get it, but these lessons keep on flowing

It’s different now but maybe it would have been better never knowing
Nothing will ever hide these wrinkles on my forehead from showing
There might have been a warning when he heard the bird crowing
Damn, you see, it’s just another universal omen
But is he aware that time for me is gradually slowing

These lessons, these lessons keep on coming
These lessons, these lessons keep on coming

© Delia Ross. 2019


There’s no winter in his eyes
More time with him I’d buy
He’s worth the lows and highs
Please stop asking why

I watch him running free
His wilderness beckons me
He dashed by with his decree
For him I’d take a knee

He ran right into me
I smiled as he took leave
I think I finally see
Why he’s worth protecting

He leaves trails of Earth behind
He could take a break if he felt inclined
I know a spot where he could rest his mind
But he doesn’t know how to unwind

I’d be your friend-
Let me be your friend I’m the best kind
I would never treat you unkind
Stop letting others lead you blind

Let me be your friend I’m the best kind

Night Riding (Lyrics)

I need a lover not an enemy
Someone to go night riding with me
I feel another storm rising
We’ve wasted too much time deciding

I know where this road goes
I know where this storm blows
I know where this road goes
I know where this storm blows

The radio advises staying in
But who are they advising?
All these years we stayed hiding
There’s no other reason presiding

I know where this road goes
I know where this storm blows
I know where this road goes
I know where this storm blows

Sat in a corner despising
Why are you backsliding
Right now the Moon is rising
Our plans won’t need much revising

I want to go with you night riding
Stop wasting time deciding
Let’s go while the wind is subsiding
I want to go with you night riding

© Delia Ross. 2019

Things of Note by PoeEternal

Bits of pieces here & there. Thoughts. Ideas. Microwords.

I feel like watching you smile is one of the most beautiful things I can witness in life.

If you can’t have it, dream about it. Fantasize. Talk to yourself. Loneliness is a state, not a being. Be one with it.

Love. Even when you can’t.

Forgiveness isn’t hard. Ego is.

You’re one second away from being older. Cherish the new.

The walls we build around us to keep the sadness out also keeps out the joy.

I swear on my soul every time you smile a new galaxy is born. I can feel the after shocks in my heart. Even the Sun has sworn. Look how it shines on you.

You wear revenge on your heart.

Black soul, Black hole
Not much of a difference I know
Like a mold it will grow

It’s not too late to finish what you started.

Feasting on single lane, leaving darkness for tomorrow
Getting wasted on joy instead, I’m sick of all this sorrow
Skipping down single lane, I’ve nothing you can borrow

LOVE IS THE GREATEST CROWN, There’s no trouble here this part of town

He’s my favorite season of them all.

Everyone keeps asking me what it is I do. Well, I’m in the pursuit for happiness. Aren’t you?

Oh my tummy tum tum
Is growling like it wants some rum
I guess I better give it some….

You give what you take and you take what you give
I’m so tired of this mourning and I just want to live

Taking a break from my woes.

Did you know you could break me like glass?

Empty as a bottle.

Sometimes I need someone to disconnect with.

So evading these lines
I’ve tried to forget a thousand times
Feeling better about end days
And even less about rhyme

His voice puts movement in my heart.

But this one cut me deep like steel
I don’t know if I can ever heal

It hurts
These years they tend to cut
More challenges than it’s worth

It’s like a gunshot to the soul

Boys & misfortune are of most importance

Make me immortal so I can sleep forever.

My moral compass may be broken.

More cancelled invitations
I get the most in the nation

Shots of rum in my freezer
Make me less of an appeaser

I’m working on borrowed time.

I’m ready, not able
I’m under the weather and need to get stable

On and on silence is your war

He uses love like a seed
To pit in you jealousy & greed

To fight so hard for freedom
Years for liberty
Can anyone see me?

Lu once told me, all I had to do was prey.

Said you never loved
and you love me now
But you’re saying that
As you’re saying ciao

I left him lying
The trouble with love it’s trying
But don’t stick it out with a man who keeps you crying
His mouth is rot he’ll only keep denying
That’s his plan to slowly watch you dying
I never met a beast more terrifying

But why do good girls always come last?

My heart is a poet. Every beat is a syllable. Poetry its soul. I am but a poem waiting to be rhymed. Slow goes it.

You’ll soon be guest of honor at the crematorium.

Pain may appear closer in mirror.

Actually, I’m not angry. I’m fueled with intelligence and wit. I will smack thee with a mirror and say BEHOLD, SCUM. CLEAN THYSELF! 😉

© Delia Ross. 2019

Word cloud by PoeEternal

It was already broken when he arrived
Packaged neatly in pieces and assembly advised
He took me on like he’d won the grand prize
We jumped every hurdle despite those red flags
It’s hard to keep up when one’s memory lags
But on with the show there’s more women to snag!
A map can be drawn from the lies he has spun
You can’t tell from his face at all that he’s won
He moves on so fast though I’m still feeling numb

© Delia Ross. 2019

hightlight reels

I know these are highlights of your life
And wintry inside feels the knife

I’ve never owned a set of pearls
There’s been at least a thousand girls

Tomorrow seems so different now
You lied when you gave me your vow

I can be a terrible friend
I’d take a bullet for you in the end

Only want to marry once
40 years now gone, I’ve lost patience

© Delia Ross. 2018

Sun day by PoeEternal

Needed some time to clear the things he said
Too many demons were dancing under my bed
Sat around praying and wishing he was dead
I’d be lying to say he was not still inside my head

The river runs dry where there is blood
I missed him so much it always hurt
Went searching for Sun during a flood
It swallowed me down into the mud
That was his love

Not sure how long has passed I’m still no good
Been feeling so low and well misunderstood
My heart once soft now hard like wood
I know you don’t care though maybe you probably should

The river runs dry where there is blood
I missed him so much it always hurt
Went searching for Sun during a flood
It swallowed me down into the mud
That was his love

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Love ISN’T Real

Crossed the desert with the hand of a devil
Swore down the road I’d find something better
Pretended to lead when I wasn’t able
He knew we’d never be on the same level
Scolded me and gave me a deferral
4 years later we had to uncouple
For a moment I was lost in a fable
Said love is an illusion, not actual

© Delia Ross. 2018


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I mean it’s pretty bad when you can’t trust your own government
Everyone judges like we’re wrecking havoc
One foot in the grave with their bad habits
Staring at me as if on autopilot
Well I can’t be the only one whose tired of it
I’m not the one who needs a straightjacket
You lie as if honesty were a bullet
Karma is headed your way like a casket
Nothing will please me better than your death certificate
Thank God you never created any other degenerate
I bet your heart is racing now you piece of shit
You ain’t felt nothing yet

Don’t Want To Know

I don’t wanna know how many days it’s been
It still feels like day one
You and I cannot be friends
And the Earth no longer turns
We spiraled out & lost control again
Yet my heart it still burns
Always made me last instead-
should have been your number one

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Between cigarettes
There must be some regret
I can’t deal with you now

You bring loneliness
With empty promises
And the promise of child

It’s getting cold, she said
You never were impressed
There’s a lesson here somehow

Always late for bed
It’s the consequence
Of figuring you out

Always wrong, you plead
But it was you instead
Doing all of the wrong