I’m kind of tired of India coming over here and buying all the corporate franchises and giving all their people management positions but working the American population to death -never honoring any of our traditions or holidays – never giving us proper work breaks – never giving us proper pay raises! 👎👎 And anytime weContinue reading

Don’t you find it a little suspect that India are the only ones that want to stay away from this fucking vaccination? The same ones that want your money and spread this Bible plague “India” “Rich people” (and I literally do not need to take that out of context) 👀

I mean the fucking Bible encourages slaughtering innocent animals for worship 👀 And this is book number one? The MOST FAMOUS book in the world The only book you will find an every hotel room They want your moneyzzzzz!!!!!!!

You nearly wiped out my entire bloodline and then you have the audacity to stand before me and call me fucking “racist” because my skin is white I will fucking make you eat teeth for dinner if you ever say it to me again even if it’s online I will hunt you the fuck downContinue reading

If America is ever going to be truly great or if we’re ever going to be truly free in the land of the free then we need to separate ourselves from how other countries are running their countries IF You can’t ban the bible Or make it 18+ Or give the “free thinkers” land ofContinue reading

You hold that Bible like it’s the keys to heaven but you’re not living a life worthy of entering I guess you believe you can be a terrible person and just “ask to be forgiven” This is the same mentality that has made so many species go extinct Because the Bible tells you that theContinue reading

Why haven’t traditional banks lowered their NSF fee during this pandemic? 19 billion made off NSF fees in 2019 👎👎 They keep you poor and they make money off of you being poor Guess where these roots trace back? Take a wild guess Go on 👀

Watch how many atheist would be God worshiping entities if you made church’s 18+ only 👀 You’d have to be guest listed to enter They already make a fucking joke out of this, stop acting like what I’m saying is blasphemous You actually think those porn chicks are drinking piss 👀 You get to voteContinue reading

If God is real and exist you don’t need to give him money or build him things and you could really believe the message of Jesus Christ which is “pick up a rock and I am there” and “any two people having a conversation in my name is having church” hello hello hello hello spreadingContinue reading

Porn originated in Greece Which lies in Europe which borders Asia partly 👀 They take your money with religion and they take your money with porn and it’s all the same fucking entity man and y’all need to wake the fuck up

Of all the lands and queens and things, India is the one that needs to be most seen 👀 They fill our head with lies, make us so sick we want to die, then turn business into suicide! Money money money Golden chalices! Vapid culture!!!!! I mean, If I look at a table that’s setContinue reading

And I get called a whore for trying to make ends meet because those people won’t actually pay me for my writing even though they fucking blow my blog up everyday to read it But they’ve got money for a hotel should I ever come over 👀 Well I can tell you those are theContinue reading

What’s the point of a college degree when burger flipper’s are now making as much as nurses? And hiring freezes keeps the educated unemployed The recession has gone on longer than the great depression but it’s good to know that there’s 9 new billionaires in the world from this pandemic 👀