Vaccines causing heart problems πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Don’t say I didn’t warn yah (And the CDC is gaslighting the truth) Compliance is easier than knocking down the doors and cheaper toοΏΌo (Moderna caused me heart problems) Do you fucking believe me now? Or do I need to die first? Or, you need to read it in an article?

CDC And FDA Trusted By Only Half Of Americans : NPR

A new Harvard poll shows that only half of Americans trust the CDC β€” other health agencies were rated even lower. During a pandemic, trust is critical to the success of a public health response. β€” Read on Not very shocking that half of Americans think the CDC is full of shit. πŸ‘€ YouContinue reading “CDC And FDA Trusted By Only Half Of Americans : NPR”

Reign went #1 on my TikTok in under 24 hours! πŸ˜

Reign went #1 on my TikTok! 😍

Reign on TikTok! (A soft reading of Reign on TikTok) ☺ *new spoken word*

Reign on TikTok (a different version)