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Demons have many faces But none-so-much as you You left about a thousand traces All wrapped up in blue Broken hearts were common places, You used your tears like glue 56 years paved without graces Your time is nearly through #poeeternal #newpoem

This is raw. One year amongst the remains.

I realize now that it has been a year nearly to the day when I went no contact from you. My heart is still broken. But it’s been breaking since the very first time you hurt me. And each time after. And you know the things you did. I’m still trying to process and healContinue reading “This is raw. One year amongst the remains.”

Love hath abandoned all

Ahh but who doth not judge the outer appurtenance which is full of flaw? I too shall like to see beyond the hollow scar. Frail and meek, I seek to find comfort in man which bringeth me none not. Love hath abandoned all but my shadow. Until I am merely dust in the wind. IContinue reading “Love hath abandoned all”


http://wepoetsshowit.com/2013/11/06/poetry-contest-finalists-11/ My poem, “Black Star” made the finale for the November poetry contest. Now I need your help to win! Please vote for my poem ‘Black Star’ by Delia Ross and help me win the prize! Appreciate your support!   Also, a BIG THANKS to We Poets Show It for the opportunity! xoxo You canContinue reading “http://wepoetsshowit.com/2013/11/06/poetry-contest-finalists-11/”

The Tale and Trauma of Satine (Part 1)

Satine was born in the dark ages, a very long time ago in the township of “Blackwood” whereto her mother had lived and died. Unbeknownst of her parents, her mother died during childbirth of Satine. Her mother had been bitten by a vampire while Satine was still in the wound. Satine never knew of herContinue reading “The Tale and Trauma of Satine (Part 1)”