This dude went to jail for not cleaning up his property after the city granted him several extensions to clean it I didn’t know things like this happened to people I’ve been living in fox holes so 3 billion people could hoard 👀

There’s a good chance I might not pull through Chest pains are more intense, prolonged, followed by intense frontal lobe headaches, and then a deep slumber. Just woke up Not sure how I’m still alive Pushing myself too much Not trying to discourage people from getting vaccinated but I had underlying health issues, and theContinue reading

Listen If we’re going to be able to take them down we need to use a major event to do so so when Apophis comes in 2066 to change everything and the 1% begin to rebuild you need to take them out then you need to be ready then to take them out because they’reContinue reading

Biden wants WW3 Jesus fucking Christttttttt Biden wants to turn this pandemic into WW3 When I said they would eventually enforce vaccines – and we have turned into a Hitler state – I didn’t fully understand what I was saying. There isn’t much more time or freedom to get these words out to you. Save yourself

I woke up and I still love you 👀 I don’t need a reason 👀 All my atoms are connected to you You pull me in like gravity Or magnetism I just want to be with you wherever that is I don’t give a fuck about fancy things Your kiss is worth more than goldContinue reading

The community care was approved – now that the holiday has passed – people are back to working but at a “I don’t give a fuck” snails pace. 😑 They gave me a list of providers who could do the test locally – and I opted for one that had “heart” right in the title.Continue reading