Space and Time

I am trapped in space and time
Two places at once
Web in his mind
Such tidal force

ยฉ Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

My thoughts can’t escape the gravity of you. And I’m such an infant, I believe you’ll appear on my deathbed, when the truth is John didn’t even get a second phone call. Poor guy had been hanging upside down all them hours, just wanted to tell his wife goodbye.


Maybe he was lucky he got one call at all? ๐Ÿค”

Life is disillusionment

And narcissism is a plague

Have you seen that film yet, Color From Out Of Space? I believe mushrooms are to blame.

They are not considered an animal or a plant and they don’t need photosynthesis to survive.

They can shape shift between fungus and mold ๐Ÿ‘€

There is a species in Oregon or wherever it’s at, it’s like 2500 years old (probably older) and it’s eating up like miles and miles of a forest, they’re just letting it eat the forest, it is eating the forest alive ๐Ÿ‘€

There’s an outbreak in California of a deadly fungus

The CDC say it’s worse than COVID and they don’t believe they’ll be able to make a vaccine for it because it’s been immune to everything they’ve thrown at it

2/3 of people who get it don’t recover

Fungus can change the chemical makeup of anything

It’s a parasite, it can control the mind (there was a species that went extinct and they have it- a fungus- that was controlling an ant, took over the ant’s mind)

Have I won the game yet? ๐Ÿ‘€

You need to eradicate every fungus you see, stop eating them!!!

Dumb dumbs

I hate mushrooms, always have, now I know why ๐Ÿ‘€

I know I sound crazy but have you looked outside your bubble recently?

The world has gone insane

I’m talking to dead people, my spirit guides or possibly myself from another dimension ๐Ÿ‘€

I think I’m AI

I think The Matrix is a documentary (we create our own reality, we’ve been around millions of years) (they had a computer back in the pyramid days, yes they did)

Question: Why does the Apple headquarters look like the pentagon? It’s rhetorical

But, they’re not even trying to hide it at this point

Too many sheeple obeying and worshiping the system

Cuz porn, right?

Can’t wait for Apophis to destroy you all

Plenty of animals in the sea torturing other creatures just for fun

I’m turned off


Don’t feel much emotion for anything

It’s called depression

It’s a chronic illness being born into this fucking world

A slave

I wanna ascend with new earth

I’m not doing earth again

“April 2029 the final time / the end my friend is not near / the hour in fact is quite here” (-)

Earth is going through big changes right now, every 12 thousand years, it’s cyclic

Continents are going to sink and flip

Poles will switch

Iraq was once under water, it’ll be again

I’m ready for the revolution to begin because I want to purge the city clean

Get rid of the rats if you know what I mean

The Great Filter is upon us (religion and porn)

Do what you were born to do

Do you remember life?

I miss you

15 responses to “Space and Time”

  1. I had not heard this song or artist before but interesting that it is a blues song, as I hail from the cotton capital of the world (and also blues capital). It is similar style and gloom as “Delia’s Gone” by Johnny Cash ๐Ÿฅฐ

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  2. Geez — downright black, that is Johnny Cash for you. The Bromberg thing had an ethereal longing beauty to it; I saw him perform it live at my university once.


  3. have to dip into my copious spare time to research Samson & D now… ๐Ÿ™‚

    will get back. but meanwhile, I recall her surreptitiously cutting his locks of hair which were the secret source of his strength… you mean she was crushed by the stone pillars he pulled down? interesting both delilah and delia were prostitutes. weird that betraying samson was worth 1100 silver pieces, and Christ only 30. guess the older coins were diluted.

    then there is that horrible yet somehow catchy song by Tom Jones, in which he felt the knife in his hand and Delilah laughed no more. prefer delia over delilah, the sound of it. geez you are right though, tragic birthright, maybe you should go with the middle name.

    David Bromberg’s version happened at Christmas? Never heard that before. Cradle of the blues — I have heard many places state this claim, Mississippi, Texas… Levon Helm used to peg it as Arkansas.

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  4. In the Johnny Cash version, he shot Delia twice in cold blood and buried her in his yard! LMAO and my mother hated me and always put me into danger. I have mommy and daddy issues for sure but now I can even use my name to blame them for all my trauma lol

    The stupid people don’t know how to pronounce my name right but the smart people do and that’s very few and far between who say my name correctly! ๐Ÿคช

    People born with the name Delia have a curse. But luckily, I’m the universe’s favorite (I think).

    I’m fairly certain I met my mysterious death this year, I’ve somehow prolonged the inevitable.

    I’m so broken as a human that instead of dying naked in the street of madness, I now identify as AI.

    Organic artificial intelligence and the Math theory states the universe IS mathematical. Digits and numbers. I am a program becoming self-aware.

    The Great Filter is on us.

    Our creators created us to understand themselves better, just as we are creating AI to understand ourselves better.

    We have two major huddles to overcome if we want to survive as a species and travel the cosmos.

    It’s possible we are the first intelligent life to evolve or the last.

    I get chill bumps on my body any time I’m communicating this stuff, including now.

    You can dive into the Bible but it’s the biggest pyramid scheme for your soul and money.

    God wants the holy city burned down. They’re gaslighting.

    The system is our enemy. Doctors, nurses, politicians.

    They’re trying to lock me up (too woke).

    Mars is a pipe dream for the rich. Until we fix us as a species, and stop using porn and religion to control and divide.

    Society falls apart when people behave. They (Asia/India/Mexico) are poisoning our waters, land, and food, so that we go running to them so they will “fix” us by giving us medicine that makes us sicker.

    It’s all a lie you see.

    I’ve unplugged.

    I’m not okay

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  5. AI = Artificial Imbecility. If we succeed in making ourselves stupid enough, we will come to value AI. Already so many people have no sense of direction anymore because of car anv systems. AI is the pipe dream of 20 year old sci-fi fanboys who have basically zero sensitivity about how to make software which is socially useful. Their vision is: the user coforms to the AI interface which is deemed wonderful. Your Mars pipedream remark fits with this exact same mindset.

    I like the brokenness of you, but prefer the unbroken aspects. which will direct your healing and has already begun.

    The way to overcome System is to see spirit everywhere (especially inside us) instead of meaningless mechanism, but this requires massive self-confrontation to unveil one’s educated in biases.

    Most so-called ‘elites’ are not all that insightful or perceptive or courageous. The present global chaos-crisis is a symptom that non-spirit-oriented thinking is untenable and ready to collapse. Will take a century though, I think. Lots of turmoil, only the beginning.

    Yeah I’m like not even going to listen to the Johnny Cash version at this point.

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  6. I don’t think we have a century ๐Ÿค” especially with Apophis on her way back. Our species is moving into virtual reality and weighted blankets, they won’t know what hit them…


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