Mandatory vaccines for all active military enforced

I predicted this. Next it will be made mandatory for all veterans.

People were becoming too self-reliant and too healthy and now they’ve made sure that the medical system can continue making money because India sure makes a lot of money off of us being sick and Big Pharma too and India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world!!

In fact, we give the foreigners incentives to come over here and study 4 subjects including science and tech and then we give them the jobs here in America instead of the Americans!

Bush made sure with the Post 9/11 Signing Statements that we have no rights.

We have no voice.

It’s no longer “for the people”.

Globalism and advertising are ruining the world.

You install any app and you don’t read the permissions. You let strangers spy on you.

You allow them to track and control us through advertising.

Wake the fuck up!!

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