New tiers coming on Patreon!


You’ve been with me for a minute!

I am truly grateful for your support out there!

I am updating my Patreon campaign, revamping tiers, and adding new ones!

I just added a donation tier, which allows the pledger to contribute without the need of reward, but each pledge allows my blog to run advertisement free and keeps the content incoming! It’s a great way to support my blog or my work! ❤️

I appreciate each and every pledge! 💪

Soon, I will be turning my campaign 18+ and adding a digital nude cosplay tier. My goal is to also add a print tier (but that tier will be further down the road as I still need an updated printer to go with my Kodak film supplies). But being able to add a physical merch tier will be a stepping stone, we’ll see how it goes.

More changes coming to my Patreon!

My blog will be getting a makeover as well!

Everything is undergoing changes!

You can check out my Patreon campaign here:

Thank you for sticking by me! 👍

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Or, if you’d rather drop a one time donation, or a donation in general, my LinkTree includes links to my CashApp and PayPal and I am truly grateful for any tips or donations!

My LinkTree also has other hookups on the web where you can find me, like my TikTok and Twitch channels!

I recently started a new (free) OnlyFans where I can post my casual and taboo content in a relaxed environment, feel free to subscribe and say hello!

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