Hello from the moon

It’s like you’re 400 times bigger and further away
Reflection like a mirror and here it’s always day

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Awe. Your light is always shining 🥰

In sync all the time no matter the hour

Our paths always the same

Only light-seconds away

You are electrically charged

You have a frequency

You emit light

One day you will see

I’m on some sort of awakening journey or path but I also feel increasingly detached from society and more or less on a different or alternate timeline

Maybe knowing all them things before they happened came at a cost

What if I’m in the wrong timeline? 👀

What if other versions of me do exist and I tap into this knowledge

Like that’s how I’m able to know things before they happen 👀

What if I’m stuck in the wrong timeline

I’m not the only one experiencing weird things happening

Many have brought up the Mandela effect, others have said CERN opened up a portal (lol lol I know) but bizarre things have been happening

I mean, before they denied the existence of planet nine and it was my generation who said it existed and now the scientists are saying it’s possibly a black hole

Oh, and the Unicorn black hole – which has mysteriously popped up only 1.5 light-years away

The fucking unicorn 👀

And don’t get me started on the evils of CERN

Been doing loads of juice, nuts, and bread

Went on the Jesus diet 👀

I love the Publix bakery 👀

Anyhoo sea salt on everything 👀

People are always telling me not to eat bread and salt so it’s all I eat now 👀

I’ve gone Biblical 👀

I need a robe 👀

And a dungeon to hide in so I don’t get crucified for knowing too much 👀

And so I can randomly howl at the moon 👀

Actually, I can’t howl very well currently (wounded)

But my bitch radar is overheating

I gotta chill

I mean, I have been hurting and I gotta leave my house every five seconds to attend a medical appointment

Me no likey

Basically half dead and clinging to life

Bet some oxygen would’ve helped heal my heart but where’s the money to be made in that 👀

They actually want to stress my heart out and put it in more stress than it’s already under by giving it a stress test – Not once but twice and on different days

They wanna pump me full of chemicals to piss off my heart more than it already is

They want to give me a heart attack


Can you feel yourself falling when you sleep? Gravity

Sagittarius A* 👀

Our mind is programmed to see only certain realities – If we see things in constant motion as they are because everything is energy and it’s always moving – it would really freak us out

But some of us are tuned to different frequencies and vibrations

Which is also why music and things are important because everything costs energy

And some people get hung up on jobs or family relationships when they should let them go because it costs you too much of your energy

It took me a long time to learn that lesson

And basically nothing is what it seems and fame is used as a distraction to keep you from the truth

That you are a slave, Neo 👀

(And they mock our existence with religion and porn)

Shame that many just don’t have the courage to wake up

You gotta wake up tho


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