Reachable never
Like peering in a black hole
And nearing whatever
The gates of error
Your hope will sever

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

What’s weird is when you’re actually trying to be reachable but you’re not.

And also, when you feel your life could be shut at any moment and there’d be nothing left to say.

So you actually have lots of things that you need to say but you’re not getting through

And part of the reason could be your own fault because you block people

Or, the fact that everything we’re saying is being tracked right now and stored on a private server – and they control what we’re going to do through advertising – they also control the flow of information – that we’re basically slaves to them and consumerism but most people don’t care because they are narcissist and they don’t believe in anything therefore I guess they get off on being a monster!?!?

Do you remember what communicating was like back in the 90s? I mean, when you had to page people or ride your bike to a payphone?

There would be mass panic if communication systems were destroyed but do y’all know that stuff is happening out there – pipe lines and hacks and oh my fucking God I’m getting ready to take my communication back to that sort of level anyway because I’m reaching new levels of paranoia with the shadowbans and toxicity of social media in general and blocking hayfever

Blocking hayfever is that like a thing that I just coined or if I Google it does it already exist because I hate coming up with ideas that have already been thought of already, it’s been a huge disappointment throughout my entire life. I can remember coming up with ideas when I was like 10 and someone already had come up with that idea and Google didn’t even exist

I would say people today have it easier but they’re being controlled and in 200 years will cursing even exist?

Because I don’t want to live in a future where freedom of speech is under threat but yet freedom of speech is under threat as I speak

The New World order are closing in and they have us surrounded.

Oh fuck man

I’ve always been afraid of heights but I think I’m equally afraid of pits. Still, go further in.


Go under

If you want to know what’s inside a black hole, just die, because it’s the same thing.

Light enters our eye and never leaves. When you die, the color in your eye also goes. No more information can get through.

But they do say the brain has activity for several minutes after you die and we don’t really know how long that really is and we don’t really know much about consciousness do we? But we do know energy can’t be destroyed so your energy goes somewhere.

I’m circling way too close to the event horizon of my own death.

They say there’s seven levels of consciousness (this thang) 👇

I mean, I’m pretty certain I’ve met them all

Miracle to still be alive 🤔

But currently in lots of pain – was trying to clean up – Nearly put my heart into something I couldn’t get it out of and I’m not dying at the ER I won’t be calling 911

Would rather die by the ocean or outside or the forest – or home

No hospitals

No embalming

No organ donation

No funeral

No cremation

Just a box please. The cheapest one y’all can scurry. It doesn’t need a case.

I can be buried on my own land so I’m trying to stay alive for that OK and it’s cheaper to buy land and quicker to get a piece of land than it is to try to get onto the housing market and whatever

I’d rather just live in my jeep you know – nomad

I’ll just buy a camper and travel around Florida live at different campgrounds move around

I am fucking done with being a renter


Or I’ll join the homeless crew in California you know they have an entire section called Skid Row

I wouldn’t last five minutes on the streets but whatever

Being a girl basically has been men trying to fuck me since I was born

And have been..

We’re nothing more than fucking sex objects

And I don’t really give a fuck about stuff

I mean I do because I’m a baby hoarder but

My ride is the thing I appreciate the most

I guess second up would be my intellectual property

What, what. No reverse that lol

But is intellectual property comparative to like a fucking vehicle? 🧐

I mean a jaguar probably does have more value than my life 😑

I mean the CDC already valued what our worth was when they decided for us that whoever got hurt with heart inflammation was worth the risk because they certainly didn’t let 60% of the population know that beforehand and many have died or been wounded like me and like my life is teetering on the line as we fucking speak and I may not recover but I wasn’t given all the facts about these vaccines and the CDC withheld information to us and they said they knew it was going to cause a certain amount of heart inflammation but that they thought it would happen in a lower number than what it did so they made the decision for us what our lives where worth

We all have the same value to them

How many billionaires and millionaires have been vaccinated? 🤔


I need foodz


But also my TikTok’s are starting to get some views so I can breathe again

I mean yesterday I had one up for like three hours and it didn’t get one view so that bitch got destroyed

I also got in trouble for sharing the TikTok on my Instagram wall – it didn’t like me using Nirvana but that track was pulled from TikTok like all the other songs I use IN the app.

But I’m scared to share another one on my Instagram wall



You still blocked and everything’s my fault


I don’t know how I’ve known tragic events to happen before they do but I do…


A prophet

There are a lot of people out there that know because they were there and I said things and then they happened

Being who I truly am around others has never been easy for me and conforming in school or being forced to be a certain way is not something that’s be an easy path for me

Poet. Prophet. Piece of shit. Add it to my resume


New Tok’s:

Classy and trashy add that too 👀

One response to “Communication”

  1. You covered a lot of ground in this post. I enjoyed it greatly, In relation to the 7 levels of consciousness, it kind of reminds me of the Buddhist belief of the mutual possession of the 10 worlds.
    pretty interesting concept, and one I’ve always believed in. I hope you do recover, and if you ever make it to California I would not recommend skid row, Head to the San Fernando valley, thats where I’m at, no need to be homeless when i have a spare room. haha anyway I hope you make it thru. You seem like a hell of a fighter with more ass to kick in this lifetime. so iI think you will recover just fine.

    Liked by 1 person

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