The community care was approved – now that the holiday has passed – people are back to working but at a “I don’t give a fuck” snails pace. 😑

They gave me a list of providers who could do the test locally – and I opted for one that had “heart” right in the title.

That clinic is suppose to call with my appointment time – but said it can take a few days to call.

Many veterans die while they are on a waiting list to be treated.

It’s just a fact.

I tried to push through and get a set done last night and wound up falling asleep. 😑

My heart isn’t functioning at full capacity.

The “tiredness” I’m experiencing is cardiovascular related.

Essentially I’m dying but my heart is superwoman! 💪

I just wanted to leave my house last night and shoot some film but my heart couldn’t take it.

I couldn’t even finish the set.

I’m sorry.

I guess it’s a good thing I’m not in a relationship right now, how embarrassing would that be, I could be having the greatest sex of my life and suddenly I’m sleeping on him. 😑

Like oops sorry babe I’m still dying 👀

Just keep going 👀

You’re the only thing that feels good 👀

Or makes the heart feel better 👀

I love you

So don’t wait years that I don’t have 👀

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I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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