ATM fees bye bye

I drove out of my way on Sunday, to visit the bank to withdraw funds – but that option wasn’t even available.

You could only view accounts or make deposits. Nothing else.

Lots of banks are open on Sunday – for a few hours – but not Suntrust.

They don’t have real time banking either so if you make a transaction on Friday after 5 PM, it won’t update in the system until Monday 9 AM – unless it’s a holiday – you’ll have to wait you know for it to fucking update the following day.

So it’s Sunday and I’m driving out of my way to visit the bank to make a withdrawal from the ATM because I know that if I make a withdrawal from any other ATM I will be charged a ridiculous fee even though I can transfer funds from my PayPal to my bank for pennies

So I use my gas to drive to the physical location to use the ATM but they won’t even give me the option to remove any money that I know is in my account – for whatever reason – the option to withdraw funds just isn’t there. No explanation.

And there’s no way it could be that the ATM is without money – especially after they charged me over $120 in NSF fees’s because I negatively withdrew my account over a small $27 in charges.

Banks made over $19 billion alone in 2019 off of charging people for tiny little mistakes like that.

But I wasn’t even allowed to pull any money out Sunday so I had to go to elsewhere and and I got charged an ATM fee for that

So not only did I waste my time and my gas money to drive to the bank that I entrust my money to be – there was no option to even pull any money out and now they have the audacity to charge me an ATM fee for using my card elsewhere.

I’m sick of these rich sneaky fucks doing this shit.

Don’t sit there and act like you don’t know that this is causing problems for people

A three dollar charge here, a three dollar charge there, and these motherfuckers are getting rich off of us, it ends now!!!

I am so glad I am hooking up with Chime and dropping traditional banking!

These assholes need to get in the bottom of the sea

And dieeeeee

Go with Chime!

We’ll both get $75 when you join Chime and set up direct deposit!

And I really could use the extra money so please please please drop your traditional bank! 🤪

We both can earn $75 and we need to stop letting these assholes get rich over us!

They know we live paycheck to paycheck, they know all this!!!

I’m agitated that I can’t even drive to my bank to withdraw money and then they had the audacity to charge me a three dollar ATM fee and they just charged me over $120 in NSF fees – they can get fucked!!!

All traditional ways of living ends now!!!

The annual rent increases for no reason whatsoever need to stop!!!

Wake up America!!!!!

It’s time we stick together and weed these spam hungry money mongers fucking out!!!!

Drop your traditional bank whether you wanna help me earn 75 bucks or not!

You should help your other fella fucking Americans! $11 billion in NSF fees during a pandemic in 2019 alone!!! Get the fuck out! They haven’t even reduced their NSF fees during this pandemic and not only did I fuck up over a tiny amount, I couldn’t pay it back as soon as they wanted me to do so they charged me another $35 for that but then I can’t even go withdraw $30 from the ATM on Sunday and I had to go somewhere else to use my card for medicine and now I’m getting charged $3- these assholes can get fucked!!!

Hello Chime!! I am really going in with a lot of faith because you can help rebuild my life and if I do make a tiny mistake you’re not gonna crucify me for it!!!

I really wish someone would’ve invited me to Chime so we both could’ve earned $75 but I’m giving you the opportunity to earn $75 if you at least receive $200 a month in direct deposit you’ll be able to earn it!! 🥰

And I just got off the phone with PayPal who highly recommend Chime and say they are great and PayPal has even already done deposits into my Chime and Chime has already deposited that money back to PayPal so I know those two are connected safely now and I wish my employer would be the same way but I just have to safely wait to make sure that my direct posit has gone through safely before I close down my SunTrust. 👀

And that is one thing I always tell people, don’t close down your old bank until you know everything has transferred OK!

Best tip and piece of advice whenever changing from one bank to another.

And why are you so scared to try Chime or to drop your traditional bank?

I’m never looking back!

You shouldn’t even be trying to save a savings through a traditional bank, it’s fucking ridiculous y’all!!

Wake up!!!! Knock knock!!

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One thought on “ATM fees bye bye

  1. I can’t wait to call the bank as soon as they open so I can go off on them about the three dollars and it’s just over principal. I had the $30 to withdraw. But they had no option to withdraw and I was forced to use my card elsewhere and now they wanna charge me $3 after they already took NSF fees from me (that were fully paid).


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