It’s time to wake up Neo

When are people going to admit that the Bible is causing all of this?






It’s 2021

It’s time to unplug

We don’t need a book that was created and written over 2000 years ago and it is a book that’s been heavily manipulated by men so you will do what they want you to do and to control you so that you will feel guilty and give them your money

We don’t need a book forced on us from the moment we are born

You don’t need a book to be spiritual or have a relationship with God and you don’t need to give him money to be spiritual or have a relationship with God


If you want some control over your own life and to feel like you have control over the things that you do with the time that you have left you should definitely turn off your TV close the Bible and turn off your porn and maybe start handling some of those addictions one at a time because you’re probably an alcoholic too

It’s not your fault

It’s the sins of our mothers and fathers

And I’m sorry but culturally it’s fucking stupid

I don’t understand why there are so many Americans who believe this fucking fairytale that Mary Magdalene got pregnant without actually having a guy cum in her 👀

Or someone walking on water 👀

It’s like they tried to cover every avenue that somebody would think of and they would try to have an answer for that and that’s not fucking freewill

That’s manipulative – omitting information is considered lying.

Yet there was a lot of gospel that was omitted from the Bible, so how is that not considered lying

But after having experienced being brainwashed myself and doing things that I wouldn’t normally fucking do I get it

Humans are easily manipulated and it doesn’t matter what your IQ is

It doesn’t matter your age

But we are brainwashed with this ideology from the moment we are born

That isn’t freewill

It’s slavery

And I’m sorry but it’s 2021

I don’t need some book dictating how we live our life that was found in some other fucking continent 10,000 fucking years ago what the fuck


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