I’m kind of tired of India coming over here and buying all the corporate franchises and giving all their people management positions but working the American population to death -never honoring any of our traditions or holidays – never giving us proper work breaks – never giving us proper pay raises! 👎👎

And anytime we get a small pay raise you take it back with rent

I’m not wrong

In 2017 alone, I worked 3 different jobs all having different owners but all from India!!!!!

Trump was right, you do come over here and take all our jobs 👀

I worked a full shifts, full-time and never even got a fucking lunch break

And I was still in college 👀

Working on degree number two 👀

But the hiring freezes and the government furloughs destroyed my life savings or chances of using degree number 1 👀

And my retirement savings was destroyed

And you wanna call me a Golddigger or a whore because I had to get on OnlyFans to try to start making some money since I couldn’t do it with writing

Fuckkkkk you

I will rip your veins out with my teeth if anybody calls me another bad name

I will hunt you the fuck down


Published by PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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