What We Know

Everyone musta always been scavenging for food and water, typical supplies, but I was looking for the hidden stashes and bongs. I wanted medical grade marijuana, not that pharmaceutical junk. What they didn’t know was I had found a stash a few houses back, and I was still on the fence on whether I wanted them to know I had been looking for it. I had enough stress. My pain levels were at their max. I had grouped up with six others 2 nights ago, presumably most from the same neighborhood as I, or more importantly, mentally sound. Some had mentioned being vets, I could no longer trust anyone, and even my small group was suspect.

Here’s what we know. About 2 weeks ago an attack happened in the city, power was lost immediately following, cell communications down, radio and television silence, emergency service null.

So anyway, a couple days back I found a flavor jar under some kids bed, probably a teenager sixteen or 17, judging by the room. Signs of a struggle were seen throughout the condo, I fathom to ponder what has become of the owners of the unit. We lived and shared a fairly big neighborhood, yet barely lifted a chin of recognition when driving or walking by. But the kid had good taste with classic posters on his wall. When I saw the Floyd tapestries, I had hoped that there’d be some bud stashed away. And there was. I quickly pocketed it before the others could catch me.

To be continued…

© Delia Ross. 2020

More stories & poetry coming. Stick around if you wanna.

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14 responses to “What We Know”

  1. I totally freestyle wrote this but I didn’t want to give anything away in the title or the excerpt, including labeling it as a WIP. I wanted it to feel real. I have other works in progress that I will start sharing as well. Some dating back decades. But this is a new one. Just been in a very creative mode lately and is partly why I’m extra sensitive, isolated and moody lately because this is the stuff I’ve wanted to focus on all my life but couldn’t because of my jobs, school, kid, etcetera. And now I don’t have much time left. Before I didn’t want to share my ideas because I didn’t want them stolen. Now I just need to get them out there so maybe someone can complete them after I die. Because I’m not making it to 50…

    Thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback. I’ve never done anything like this before so it feels very scary to me. Sharing more parts of me. More voices. And of course I wanted to give the mature 18 + ‘don’t read if you’re offended by fucking marijuana’ warning because what fucking grade are we in seriously? I’m sure I’ve lost a supporter or 2 somewhere. But, I literally did not want to give anything away in the story. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. A vampire doesn’t have anything to do with this particular story tho. Are you confusing my cosplay with my writing? Some stories I write are vampiric, but I haven’t really given anything away in this one yet aside from a small group of veterans (humans). Also, why does my real life mental health issues need to be addressed here? I’m confused. 😒


  3. I do not take anything more than coffee and motrin unless I am dying. Good for you!

    Friend, when I first started blogging, I used your work as a muse for a character of mine, Jeptha Barengar, The Beast.
    I was not aware of the cosplay. I will have to check out what you have going on. Perhaps I can send you a link to one of the stories partly influenced by the great Poe Eternal!


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