How is it you fell into my heart without any warning?
Like the lightning swiftly coming
And maybe from Venus thus forming
Color in my eye, an overflow of becoming
The words you write like winter mourning
Turning me into jewels you’re still adorning
Our flame is burning
For you I’m yearning
I’m fully forming

© Delia Ross. 2020

*spreads petals open wide*

Surrounded by water and my love for you

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17 responses to “Flame”

  1. Sidenote: winter mourning, as in pure and sorrowful (there’s more meaning just don’t want you to think I’m using the wrong spelling- although either spelling fits nicely here. Winter mornings are always beautiful aren’t they? Until you realize all the people that you don’t have and your fucking crying and depressed). Now you gets?

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  2. I’m very glad to hear, thank you! I always worry about my poetry not following certain formats but then if I did I would lose my voice I think so I’m really trying to Freestyle for the most. I also have a brain injury and my brain works different. So I worry I’m not as good of a writer because I’m not following certain forms. So it’s nice to get the feedback to help put out those negative flames. If I continued listening to my anxiety I would never publish anything. ❤

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  3. Oh I can 100% relate and more.

    I find I actively rally against using (what I feel are) restrictive formats. Although I appreciate it in the work of others it’s just not something I can a) do or b) feel reflects my thoughts / feelings appropriately.

    For a long time this led to anxiety about not being as good as others (and sometimes it still does) but the more I write the more I know I can only write in a way that is authentic to me and if other folks rate it then that’s just a bonus.

    I may not always comment but I do always find your words, your writing and your methods of expression interesting, thought provoking and a joy to engage with.
    Please keep publishing. WP needs you!! 😁👍🖤

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  4. I’m trying but the popularity contest is wearing me down. 90% of my readers are non-active. I don’t make any money off of my blog so the least people could do is like something they read if they enjoyed it – but they won’t. Thus inspiration dying. Just keeping it real.

    I can’t expect the patrons that I do have to continue supporting me forever but I also can’t grow. Despite 110% effort to do so. I can’t get people to support my writing no more than Edgar Allan Poe could get the press to publish his poetry so he died in the fucking street naked, heartbroken, poor, unknown, and I’m not far from the same fate…

    Would love to keep writing but I can’t afford to keep my electric on.

    Going underground soon and taking all that I am with me. Just being real. I’ve been going at this hard for two years without any growth.

    I don’t think I’m 100% to blame.

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  5. Not at all – I didn’t take it personally.

    I do feel for you though. I can understand why you’re frustrated. I’ve never tried to monitise my blog – partly though the belief my worth isn’t ramblings aren’t woth paying for but, mostly, as I am in the luxurious position of not needing to rely on this as an income.
    I’m not saying you do by the way – just that I understand the frustration at not getting that interaction / growth when that’s your aim – despite your beat efforts.

    I guess I’m probably not the best person to offer practical advice, but what I will say is perhaps you could take a couple of us underground with you when you go? Just for a bit of company (on both sides) if nothing else 🖤🖤


  6. I can understand where you are coming from. I can only hope your situation improves my friend.
    And in the meantime you find a way to ensure you – and your creativity – are not lost in the flood.
    That would be a shame 🖤🖤


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