Poems For A Penny ~ Poems That Are Mini

I want him to stretch out my smile until my cheek hurts
Roll around on the ground laughing til it’s worse
I want his poetry as my universe
His kisses to be my in-house nurse

I want his words instead of roses, dig?
Forgiveness for mistakes I hid
Perhaps another chance to bid
Love despite the things I did

You give life color
You are the place sadness goes to rest
Gently under midnight breath
You unchain the collar

Your tongue rushes through layers of time only to stand still!
Why do you stomp outside my gate demanding honor when your skin is made of scales?
I wonder if there is any light left in you at all?
Do you feel my love sneaking into you at night?
Or when my tears have sweetened the sky?

Is it a pen-
Or a tool for destruction?

Is it a hand-
Or a rule for instruction?

Why do you always have to be so bad?
Why do you exist only to make me sad?
Why are you always claiming I am wrong?
Why are you someplace I don’t belong?

Remorse is a little grave
Radioactive your words decay
They cause delay
Like the games you play
The lies you say
The lives you slay

I don’t hide behind pretense or a mask
I’ve got a mind to not do what you ask
If you want it first you’ll get it last
A narcissist hating me, makes me feel first-class!

Just go! Why do you always make a scene?
Your reason cruelly crafted, doesn’t mean a thing.

Life happens in gallops
The downs, the ups
A calloused heart develops
Blackened and jealous

There’ll never be an us
You’re too careless
You’ve got life but you’re aimless
Now the end you can cherish

You’re spinning on your axis
Your every lie is backless
I’m splitting from this madness
And returning all your sadness

People out there climbing, hardly trying, rarely ever hear them crying…

Don’t let the bottle sink you to the floor
Got you nailing shut every door
Every hour you are at war
The enemy is your roar
We can’t take it anymore

Eventually longing runs out like a clock that stops ticking…

She’s a pyramid scheme
Lined in fake gold and your dying dream
The way her eyes will gleam
Faking is in her bloodstream

They are tied together at the seam
He injects her like she’s morphine
She ranks him number one supreme
But all they ever do is scream

You cling to death a hardend criminal
Morally bankrupt

She has darkness leaking from her eyes
Scales and veins that demoralize
The blood runs blue behind cold skies
Quickly fallen the soldier dies

His smile is fusion
So his kingdom I’m choosing

You left me dismantled
Said there was nothing you couldn’t handle
I guess you had a different angle
You were gone by the flick of your candle

My time was fully channeled
But now our friendship has been cancelled
Everyday a different battle
Took all I had to not get mangled

Stow my fucks upon the mantle
I’ll write you off another devil
There were signs that I’m a rebel
I guess I’m on a different level

Choice is yours to revel
You’re a man that’s acting feral
Trust is like a petal
And I need to be more careful

Time is a death sentence.

Do you take the stars with you when you disappear?
Do you hide the light within your black soul?

I am a wounded warrior who fought for this country
I need more than fancy cars or money
Or the consistent catcalling of “come here honey”

Give me wonder from your fingertips, from your every word that slips
Galactic walls of poetry, moves for my dancing feet, that’s all I’ll ever need

Who or what are you chasing?
Everyday I see the man you could be slowly erasing

You move in-and-out of my life like water; you shape my rivers.

She looks cheap and worn down like an old lumber mill-
But piss on her and he’ll crumble at will!

My love, lend me your ear
Spending time with you would change the atmosphere

Do my pleas appear like flares in darkened skies
Are my hopes and dreams all the things that you despise

Growing evermore increasingly isolated
And humanity, well I don’t like it
And man and his lies absolutely hated
And to think for love I sat around and waited

But love is about abundant as God
And man only rule with his evil rod
But leave it to them to curse why I’m flawed
And when it comes to law every one is a fraud

An angel and a demon fall in love

He doesn’t want to hurt her, he can’t change who he is
Walk away he won’t let her and try yes she did

There were warnings in the echoes
Writings on the windows


One day these words will be gone – life won’t exist
Time is slow but not forever, now is in the mist

Let’s rewind the details.

They line up like dogs, fisting her, inching her
Why do you love her, I need an answer

© Delia Ross. 2020

Alive to be miserable another day…
Survived another “growing old, life is scary” milestone…

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