Age of Expansion

My love, we share the same Sun
Put an ocean between us, we are still one
My love, look how far we have come
Going nowhere, though fast we have spun

Holy is the space of us
Our mistakes is only dust
Love is spinning, Earth is crust
Gone are sorrows and love we must

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

The sweetest poem I’ve ever written, part two. I swore the love bug off but fate is persistent (or obsession). But don’t worry, I have some anti-love poems coming too…

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14 responses to “Age of Expansion”

  1. I’m really glad you like it!! I always worry if my poetry is too short or too long or not structured correctly and I know I’m not the greatest writer out there but I put 110% into every poem I write and publish! The feedback is appreciated!


  2. The feeling really shows. Don’t overthink what’s great or what isn’t, writing from the heart like this wins every time ☺️

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  3. I always try to find the positive in the negative, I think it’s just a coping mechanism I picked up living with depression. Society thinks depressed people can just “snap out of it” and be happy by going to do something fun. But that isn’t how depression works. It has to be managed like someone with cancer but it isn’t and quite often depression becomes terminal. But the way we treat depression is barbaric (unless you’re rich and go off to a luxury retreat). They literally take the clothes from your back and put you in a fucking hospital gown and they take anything away from you that would bring you any kind of joy and then they lock you in a room and they pump you full of big pharma, which causes more suicidal ideation. So I’ve got a tiny voice but I’m advocating for depression & suicide awareness and it’s why I’ve been so transparent because I might not make it out alive (and I cry a lot over it because it’s really scary). Depression and anxiety makes it hard for me to communicate with others and I lose a lot of followers cuz I won’t be a social butterfly. Thanks for listening! X


  4. That’s awful. I wish I could do something but sadly my own country barely recognizes depression as even a thing. We have one mental facility in the whole nation. And barely any prescription meds. So if you can speak out even the little bit you can, it helps people in countries like mine where the support systems are solo thin. That’s why I keep encouraging you to write. I keep learning and helping the people around me. Comforting them and closer to empathy and understanding

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