You must be an alchemist
Changing storms into words
Are your hands magic?
Touching every part of me
Do you practice divination?
The way you see into my soul
Your eyes must be crystal
Casting spells of longing
You have complete control
I am just fire scrying
Your flame dancing
To your thunderous voice
To your incantations
Your ink must be supernatural
Enchanting my entire existence
For I do not remember life before your words
The sun shines differently now
I see only you
Clawing at my door
Wishing for something more
I am her
The one you wrote into existence
Am I your favorite page?
Or just a closed book collecting dust
My cover torn and worn
But aching for your magic
Open me up once again
Put flame into these bones
Come back to my forests
I am waiting for you
Heal me with your lips
Invoke me
Give me life once more

© Delia Ross. 2020

Lost somewhere in his stratosphere (self portrait 5/26/2020)

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