Why did you go?
Where did you lead us?
There are armies bleeding tears which swell and swallow whole moons
Why did you take the light with you to leave us here to croon?
My hope floats on fear all afternoon
Sometimes the darkness is blinding
And always there reminding
It got you too soon
Reason only comes in brigades of sorrow
Where doubt peeks its head at tomorrow
But cowers behind the window
Why did you fall after the show?
Now all the angels trow
There are chains on the month of May
The Earth pulling the days
Our eyes are pulk
You lost your way
All the days are heavy
Like heaven falling on its knee
That’s where we plea
Please don’t you leave!
Where are the steps to find you?
Our godfather of grunge
Our black sun
There is little truth in flame
Are drugs to blame?
You were the sun to somebody, everybody
Every day
We will remember your name
I am the same
Living decay
Now where will the summer lead
Where will the sun fade

© Delia Ross. 2020

Written for and dedicated to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden who died by suicide (poem and photo edits by me @poeeternal) RIP 💔💔💔

Chris Cornell (edit by me)
Chris Cornell (edit by me)

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