Mandatory Social Distancing

Hi my loves. My introvertness has met maximum overload and I feel I am about to go cause some trouble in town. Maybe a toilet paper riot is what I need after all? This social distancing is starting to do my head in. How are you holding up? Tells me!!

I mean, it’s a good idea if you don’t want to catch the Corona
I iz boreddddddd (2 AM insomniac who sleeps in her eye makeup and wakes up looking like a $2 whore)
Make it stops
If you’re going crazzzzy out of your mind during this mandatory social distancing, just remember, it’s a normal response.


6 responses to “Mandatory Social Distancing”

  1. I feel ya, hon. I just got up from a nap to stave off boredom (also anemic and my diet’s all over the place). It was too hot for the dogs, now it’s fine. About to go on my porch and let them have fun while I get a book. I enjoyed the shopping this morning, though (roughly 10:30ish to avoid crowds), and people were generally pleasant. Had I shown at 8am, would’ve been a far different story.

    Still, nice to talk to people, even if a few feet away. I’d rather be hanging out at starbucks making odd small talk in line or making a few baristas laugh. But I’ve got the suntea in and my co-worker needs me to take over for her tomorrow, so I’ll have one more morning to get a bit of sociability in. I haven’t worked since Thursday morning, and even though I had to glove up and all and be extra cautious around people, it was funny and sad because people are starved for face to face interaction, even while they may be startled or scared of the uncertainty around us.

    Well, hoping for the best. The hard part’s not going to be sleeping at random times out of boredom (I’m still working on that) or letting the housecleaning pile up. I’ve been chipping away at that the past few days.

    Anyhoo, virtual hugs and be well.

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  2. Hugs to you! Our Mayor here is getting ready to implement even more rules, no more than 10 people in an establishment and all public places have already been closed to the public such as the beaches, the parks, and recreation centers! Schools have been shut down! Mandatory social distancing here but since the rules aren’t being followed more emergency protocols are being put into place because we had over a thousand more infected overnight. Our Mayor here has already closed down Daytona Bike Week and Spring Break! Most items to shop for are sold out. Businesses are no longer able to give out truck delivery times due to safety issues and riots nearly breaking out. It’s a bit madness over here. And I had three cops pull me over today for doing a rolling stop so I’m done getting out in the public… thanks for stopping by! I’m going to attempt to get caught up on housework and reading!

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  3. I just went hiking out in the woods today. Had a great time social distancing. Lol! Over in Michigan here the governor just closed the state down and said we had to stay at home. Crazy

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  4. Our mayor is getting ready to implement more emergency procedures since people aren’t really following the social distancing and keepin 6 feet away. We had over 1,000 infected overnight. Florida has already shut down public pools, parks, and recreation centers, schools have been shut down, restaurants can no longer serve people, the beaches are closed, and I got pulled over by three cops today just for doing a rolling stop. So I’m not getting out of my house anymore. You can’t buy any toilet paper and riots have been breaking out over it. The world is ending lol. I’m not freaking leaving my house anymore lol.

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