The Way Forward

The way forward is forgiveness not revenge
The way to forgiveness takes walking on your feet
To stir stagnant waters growing underneath
You need truth in your amends

Stuck in the rut so now you build a trench
But nothing in your life you ever do enrich
What is behind the mask that you defend
A worthless man (whom none can depend)

An end to the suffering and all you demise
The pain you inflict with only blue eyes
So quick on the tongue to startle and avenge
There’s no safety in pretends

The love now cold where once was a furnace
A love so sure now not so certain
Just another sheeple behind a dirty curtain
Well, you’re just like the others who never grow from learning

Negative energy you build like a wall
Fire the gun but then you stall
Say you can love but you haven’t at all
Maybe you’re standing but you’re not very tall

The way forward is forgiveness not revenge
And maybe if you ask you’ll get it in the end
So stop building your defense
There are many you need to transcend

© Delia Ross. 2019

Published by PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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