Just tie the noose around my neck and finish what you started
Just sharpen up the blade and kill the broken hearted
Just take me back to my mistake where we both have parted
Just give me one more chance to see that you’re not heartless

Just give me the rules and regulations neatly worded
Just tell me that the ruling is now another verdict
Just tell me that my presence is not for you a burden
Just please don’t give your love to another person

© Delia Ross. 2019

This is what purgatory feels like I’m certain. If my soul isn’t burning from flames of desire for him, then it’s burning from the shames of despair and longing. I can’t stop crying though and that’s how the ocean got here… (so there may be another poem coming).

I’m sorry I haven’t been active on your blogs, it takes energy, and I’m not wanting to talk to anyone, I’m isolating myself again and I don’t like to do things half-hearted, so when I get back on your blogs, I’ll be sure to catch up on the poems I have missed rather than go in without a full head and heart. I’m sorry but I’m a soldier and communication isn’t always easy for me and I have a hardened shell and come off more stern than I mean to be. It’s a defense mechanism, I’m really sweet and kind in person. Unless I’m hungry, then feed me. But I am frequently stepping on toes and pushing boundaries even if I’m trying to behave. I don’t fit in with the world. I never have. We’re the same, but we’re not. I’m from a different planet completely. I actually APPLIED to go live on another planet, and I became a CANDIDATE, and that might not sound like a big deal but for a nerd like me it makes my panties wet. SO, if I can survive the humiliation of my existence, I’ll try and do a post on that soon. I’m a busy gal.

Published by PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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