My Survivor CBS Casting Call/Auditions

How many of you would watch Survivor CBS if I got cast on it? It’s a possible “what if” cuz I’m actively auditioning for it. ALOT. 3 auditions in 1 year with a 4th incoming! I keep blowing my auditions & casting calls, I gotta ace this 4th attempt!! But, the very first rule of Survivor is never give up! And I ain’t! I am more determined than ever to get on and show these players how this game needs to be played!!! It’s THE BEST GAME ON EARTH. GET ME ON THE SHOW, PLEASE RECRUIT ME SURVIVOR CBS!

I can’t tell you how badly I want to play this game…yes I can, I can go on and on and on cuz, GOALS. (It’s not about fame, that isn’t my objective. I want to be SOUL SURVIVOR and go home with that million-dollar prize). It is the number 1 show still on CBS, but the best game ever and I am a huge gamer). I really get into gameplay. πŸ™‚

I went to a Survivor casting call this year. Plus submitted TWO video auditions. I have terrible stage fright and keep blowing them. Getting ready for a 4th audition, wish me luck!!!
Myself and Dan from Season 37 at the Survivor auditions April (2019). They actually said I’d be perfect for the show. πŸ˜†
Self with 3 Survivor players and Zeke (far right) was auditioning like me. Zeke and I have stayed in contact! He lives near me. 😊
I waited hours to get my 60 seconds and I blew it. I forgot everything I was supposed to say and didn’t use my full 60 Seconds. Stage fright ugggggg!!!!!
Finally, my turn next after hours of waiting in line. I nearly peed myself.
These are all from my Instagram and you can revisit my stories & wall, I have a SURVIVOR story tab and a few post on my wall. With better shots.
This is how I’ve escaped the “you can only apply to Survivor one time a year” rule. Survivor CBS will lift it. And that’s pretty much what’s going on now so I can get a fourth audition in. My first time applying was Halloween of 2018 so technically it’s been 1 year now. My casting call was in April. And I will drive to another casting call as well if they have one nearby. GETTING ON THIS SHOW
That’s what Dan was saying to me as he was filming me filming him HAHA. He’s hot stuffs, you should go check out his Instagram.
I was in Jessica Peet’s story, she was a castaway on Survivor!!! She also said I would be great for the show.
Y’all have no idea how hard it is for me to socialize, but that’s part of the great challenge of playing Survivor, it’s not about being the strongest player and winning all the challenges because if the players won’t vote for you in the end you won’t be a soul survivor, it’s just as much a social game, as it is physical. But, I’m facing my fears and reaching for the stars and planets.
MY TURN TO AUDITION FOR SURVIVOR CBS, SMILE!!! I drove I think for an hour to get to the casting call and I got there really early in the morning and the line was already extremely long and I made it on the news as well! LOL That’s the third time I’ve made the news in my life. Albeit, this time more brief.
People find love on Survivor y’all. LOVE. GET ME ON THE SHOW!
I went live at the casting call LOL
Survivor players plus myself at the casting call

So what I’ve learned is, it’s not that I’m not good enough to be on the show, it’s just I’m not exactly what they need for that particular season yet. You have to keep auditioning because you might be exactly what they need for an upcoming season. So, I nearly gave up and lost hope but the first rule of Survivor is never give up! πŸ˜†

Follow me on my socials if you wanna see more of what I’m up to. I’ve mostly kept my blog about my writing. I’m more transparent on my Twitter and Insta (@POEETERNAL).

So, I hope you enjoyed these behind-the-scene photos of my life. ☺

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4 thoughts on “My Survivor CBS Casting Call/Auditions

  1. I don’t watch much TV but I’ve seen EVERY episode and season of Survivor, 39 seasons strong! I want to play so bad! Of all the reality shows that ever came out, this by far is the best one! Never too late to jump in! It is still the number one show on TV. πŸ˜‰


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