Writings On My Wall

Sun salutations
Wrong allegations
Misweighted information
Long lines of waiting
Years we spent wasting
Love we’ve been chasing
Hearts have been breaking
So tired of hating
Constantly debating
Everyone is faking
Lying & taking
People are shaking
The world is deteriorating

What sort of end are you after
Destroyed it all, even the laughter
Killed the love in the heart of the matter
Took to flight, left agony here to gather

They are like Romeo and Juliet destined to be driven apart yet tethered together by the heart

Here it comes, the end again but this time he brought the apocalypse with him. Lasso my smile and pull down my grin cuz here it is the end again.

Did you know
Wherever you are
I still love you

Did you know
Whoever you become
I will always love you

And then he softly asked about my wants, “just forever babe, I’ll take forever babe”

Give my regards to Bacchus
Tell him I’m just a carcass
But if it wasn’t for his sweet wine
I might not make it through this time

He creates the wave
Then punishes me for riding it
The riptide pulls me under
And he watches me persist

I thought I was falling
I thought you would catch me
I thought I was falling
But it was only a hole
For my soul
Where did the love go?
All I feel is empty
And cold, in this beautiful hole
You dug for me

Hello non-believer
Of anything

Here lies a possibility,
But could you believe her?

The edge is on the horizon
The horizon is how you die
But the wave you’re currently riding
Is the fear you feel inside
As the doom continues rising
So does the panic to decide
So now the boat where you were hiding
Is now the place your soul has died
As you think of all the times you tried
And you let go of hope one final time
Blame the shade of sorrow for why you cried
And your final word becomes goodbye

If you ever feel the sadness in you growing
You never were the reason for me going

Sorry if you saw my love as poison
When it comes to failure I was the chosen

And to a world that’s evermore vacant
You weren’t the reason for me ever staying

Love was something I never knew
And if my love was warm well now it is frozen

Take the wool and pull it over someone else’s eyes please

It’s like everyone is set on destruction mode
And I am set to go… here’s the code, 123, watch me blow
But what happened? I don’t know

And the sign says “you are too qualified”
And the sign read “you are too good”
I apply instead and still get denied
He’ll reply and say “you misunderstood”

And the eye will say “all welcome here”
And the room will stare, “are you misplaced dear”
And the mind will lie and replace the fear
And his hand extends, “this way’s not clear”

Take for granted my kindness I give to you
Take for granted the nights I tried to get through
Take my love and bury it six feet under too
You can’t kill it no matter what you do

She’s at it again, same ole tricks
Like a snake using sex to lure sin
Like a witch with a capture potion
It’s the only way she can get any licks

She was a doll and they all wanted her to break.

You’re getting close, getting close, getting closer
You’re moving fast, always last, getting older
Nobody knows, though we asked, for some closure
Same ratios, lethal dose, then it’s over

An angel slipped from the clouds of heaven
Looking over eternity to get a better view of him
Golden gates spread into the wide open
She spiraled down the hope of his dreams
And he awoke with her feather under his pillow
And from its tip, he spilled his ink all over her future

She danced among the wails of purgatory
Decades she waited outside walls of longing
She stabbed the night so light could shine through
And every star that twinkles is a wish she made for you
His step grows lighter, while her wing drags across his bruise
Her heart carries the weights of love
Her love so pure an ounce can make dreams come true

I slip into his poetry like a favorite pair of pajamas.

Living alone, hiding decline
Rainbows to prison at anytime
Dust keeps collecting above his faint shrine
So he keeps to settling among the lost swine

To me, he’s worth more than any gold
Long ago his self-worth was sold
He dwells among shadows as he was once told
He’ll need to find his courage to be bold

He’s so deep in me
My aura is spinning
And through spirals I’m swimming
In a loop of beginnings
And with a touch of fate, no endings
These soulquakes

I am a galaxy so faint you can barely see it.

ยฉ Delia Ross. 2019

Clippings from the sleeve of my heart…

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