Remember Me

Will you remember me when the pages are torn from the book
Six feet under is the only direction to look
After I have taken you to places you rarely go
And I make you confront things you’d rather not know

Will you change a picture for a face?
Reduce 3 to 1 and find embrace
Will you remember the love when I haven’t a voice
And never forget I hadn’t a choice

You and me we are one map
The threads of fate now overlap
Like a Figure 8 we’re meant to last
The amount of love is in the vast

The need is deeper than the Grand Canyon
There is no answer to the question
And yet I rush in to fill the sea
And only you can stop the need

Alpha Omega, yin and yang
Together our force, the big bang
I’m Niagara Falls, falling for you
And I love every layer of you too

© Delia Ross. 2019

I just sat down and freestyle spilled this out and probably could of kept going cuz the love is infinite and endless but it needed to be said…

Published by PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

3 thoughts on “Remember Me

  1. I felt like it needed to end on some kind of bang. How many ways can you dress fate up? I don’t know, but I’m gonna try. Don’t find this kind of love every day. So glad this one pleased you. ❤

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