I sail through life on my own
It helps when feeling alone –
To remember we both see the same Moon
Then my loneliness fades to about a teaspoon

My loneliness clumps into bands of dark matter, my heart swelling like a balloon, my molecules ripping and stretching into oblivion, for her shadow is like dark energy, and selfish is the darkness she needs.

If not real, give me fake
Bleed me good, nest in my ache

How can I move on when my heart is where he is.

Untangle the worry
Braid the hope
Insert the key
Climb his rope

I know I’m not her and I know I’ll never be
It still makes me wonder if you ever think about me

The space between us
The distance to Venus
The orbits of loss
Our love was a near miss

I still feel the ripple
It hit me like triple
A vortex of riddle
But our love is simple

Her love comes with maggots
But still he’ll have it

He wants to own it all, without conquering
He doesn’t want me for himself, or anybody else
He doesn’t want me in the arms of another king
He wants to own my heart and not give me a thing

I don’t see how this plan is fair for me
You sit there feasting while I am starving

All the paths I take lead into a different darkness of you
And every skin you shed leaves a different kind of clue

Put on the blind, if you want to take the ride, he demanded
Into a field of doom, I glided

We are born into this world and given a number and if you’re lucky you’ll get a good mother

I’m sorry but life is just so tough and when it comes to love there isn’t enough

My love, my will is infinite
These roads were paved for the misfit
These hands were made to capture it
These feet march on and never quit
My soul for you is completely naked
Under your mirror I will submit
By your side I will commit
With your love I can exist

Β© Delia Ross. 2019

There’s more but I just can’t bear it…

Published by PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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