Sunken Treasure by Delia Ross

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Feeling tall but invisible, loud but misheard, strong but crucified

Unto you all
Magnitudes of joy
Winners must stand tall

Alone sometimes we wait
With the wrong key
At the right gate

Sometimes beneath the brush
A silent memory echoes
a vain, disordered look
a widower, an ache

Promise not to wake her
In her slumber,
Sleep vacant-
but not far from reach

Gratitude for the worthy
Who are these men who call to order?
Vessels of empty breeders
a love for them I may not harbor

Lonely, ghost child
Who are you searching for?
Who are your brothers?

Be gone troubled tomorrows!
Doubts are but demons
Cast iron freemen
Willing to set aside fate

Look at her
her soft skin
Her willingness
to let him in

© Delia Faith Ross

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As his eyes shine
so too the Sun
and rise and rise they do

More substance in those two alone
than a thousand in my view

I wonder if he notices
when Jupiter stares too

No sorrows when it’s raining here
his skies are always blue

As far as I can tell
as far as I can ponder
Fate was left to chance
and miracles to wonders

A girl who never danced
but dreamed him in her slumber
her life so unbalanced
but that is when he saw her

It only took a glance
and numerology to follow
He took her in his stance
the moon now whole, not hollow

© Delia Faith Ross. 2014.

Ireland 2013

I’m sorry I’ve been absent of late… I took a trip to Ireland for the first time! Here is a collage of some of my shots!

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A cute little Jingle :)

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Jingle Bells
Earth is Hell
Even though it’s far
I would like to build a ship
And fly away to Mars


(c) Delia Ross. 2013. All Rights Reserved.


photo manipulation and poetry by me… hope you like!

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My poem, “Black Star” made the finale for the November poetry contest. Now I need your help to win! Please vote for my poem ‘Black Star’ by Delia Ross and help me win the prize! Appreciate your support!


Also, a BIG THANKS to We Poets Show It for the opportunity! xoxo

You can access the voting poll here:

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I want to get lost in you so that you may find me again
and when you search for me in your soul, I’ll be resting there
I’m just going to have a little nap between your heartbeats

(c) Delia Ross. 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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There is no hope that lies here
It seems the desert beams with blood
Tears instead of rain do flood
Only the dark leers

(c) Delia Ross. 2013. All Rights Reserved.